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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Honk Kong night scene has (will have) an owner: DJ Kuniya

A good DJ wears a special outfit and shades in any ocassion

I have watched all the materials that Musik and Cyteck has done for an obscure Father Bunny’s business.

Yeah, they are excellent and besides I love the music they like. Nice influences but a strong personality to be themselves and a nice ability to tell you a story in three minutes.

So I decided to start again my DJ session with some friends and my bunny family. Now I have the proper outfit (I will try to convince father bunny but I am thinking about a custom made black outfit with three stripes), a nice name “DJ Kuniya” that has been the most difficult thing and still I am not sure about it. It has not the same “power “than my favourite: John Nadlor


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