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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bread and Butter Barcelona BBB

"phuck" black bunnies meshing with that bear

After two years trying to be in this fashion trade fair for “some” brands Father Bunny was finally there. I was there with Mother Bunny in the last two editions and we can consider ourselves BBB’s pros.

So, I decided no to go. The shows are the same that in the past editions, most of the stands are the same and – this is the main reason- my sister Miffu has not participate in most of our adventures and she was somehow sad about it.

My family has grown a lot during last year and besides Chairoko and Kiiroko are with us. This is something I love but now we are more bunny explorers.

But, let’s return to the point BBB is a success, no one can doubt it, the shows, the atmosphere, the “flow” are great but three years in a row with the same concept – except for the Fly BBB- warn about something than may be killed the other BBB: lack of new proposals.

Miffu visited the BBB with Mother and Father Bunny

If you own several shops – something that its essential to enter some stands- you just call the sales rep and do not queue to enter a stands, may be your attendants do, but surely the owner don’t.

Still people enjoys it as a good place to party, take pictures, see new tendencies, meet old and new friends from other places…

Definitely, a good meeting point and a good source of revenue for the city of Barcelona.

Draculina "Vampirella" as she wants to be named is a sure shot,
may be Father Bunny and Mr. Evasèe are a bad example.

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