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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Exploring Cape Cod

Google Earth track From Boston to Orleans

While in New York we asked Father Bunny to visit another places close to the Big Apple. Too many days in such a busy city were stressing us and I really wanted to visit Boston.

I must admit that we were very lucky. We arrived NY during their Memorials Day and many people went out off the city (mainly to the beach) to celebrate the three days weekend. Walking along NYC center (what they call Midtown) was great. Just only a few impenitent tourists who woke up early to defy the high temperatures.

And wait a moment if we were going to visit Boston what about a nice stop in that Peninsula were old wealthy families has built nice houses I private islands. One of them the Forbes family used the money they got trading with Opium and built and nice house…

Yes I am talking to one of east coast favourite’s tourist attraction: Cape Cod (Apart from Miami, of course)

Getting there from Boston or New York is easy but expect big jams during Fridays and Sundays (back home).It will take you about three and a half hours to get Princetown (the most remote city on the Peninsula’s tip). But if you are not in a hurry our advice will be that it will be a good idea to visit some of the little and no so little places that are in your way to Princetown.

As the great planner that my Father is we departed from Boston at 7:00 pm and we ended reading free tourist guides that we found in a gas station. Chairoko, Kiiroko and I were not very happy about sleeping inside the car or going back to NYC.

But finally in a town called Orleans we found a nice place, actually a beautiful place called Orleans Inn. Its owner Ed, whose family bought and restored the building, is one of the nicer persons we have found in our travels. He gave us very useful information to maximize our travel experience in such a few time and gave us a book with all the building history though time.

Beautiful sandy beaches, nice green fields, nice lighthouses that are still in use, great food, nice wooden houses painted in nice colours… Definitely this is a place to visit and to stay some days if you suffer from any kind of stress.

we spent a great time visiting Orleans Inn

Here you can find a book to do some planning
And there you can download the Google Earth track

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