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Monday, September 24, 2007

Merce 2008 with our new friends

As I have told you many times I have been travelling around the world quite a bit with my parents but I have been visiting my new city only in a few occasions. When Chairoko and Kiiroko arrived to my home things got a little better but still almost every month we were travelling out of the town.

Today it’s a Major festivity in Barcelona “La Merce”

From the official website
“Every year, around the 24th September, Barcelona bids farewell
to the summer with its Festival celebrations. This year’s
programme includes more than 600 events, which will take place
in just four days.

An explosive programme where tradition – giants, dragons,
human castles – lives side by side with the most
contemporary artistic offerings: independent music, street
theatre, all kinds of public participation.”

Unfortunately I am very busy with a new business I have decided to create with Chairoko and Kiiroko but our new friend from Japan, Melanie has just arrived and we were impatient to show her Barcelona

Draculina , who never regrets to go out and to party, proposed to take her friends - Chairoko and Kiiroko as well as her new friend, Melanie – to taste the Merce 2008.

Mother Bunny accepted that Draculina takes out her friends , but not overnight. So, they got up quite early today and they took the bikes to have a look at the different events in the city. They went to “ Parc Ciutadella “, where a few events for small kids were going on, and then directly to the beach. They had a stop in front of the Hotel Arts, Draculina´ s recommendation for Chairoko and Kiiroko´s parents. Then, they went to beach. Draculina wants to get suntanned, actually, she wants to be as dark as her new friend Melanie.

They also had a look at a huge paella, which was being cooked on the street.
Chairoko and Kiiroko said “what a pity that our parents were not here to taste Paella too”

Draculina had a short bath and then they all ate paella while me –at home- was thinking about how to solve the Paella problem.

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Cafemiffy's great gift - and our post number 200

Friday evening, Miffa finds a delivery note from the Spanish Post Office. She alerts everybody, but, especially Chairoko and Kiiroko, that parcel may have arrived from Japan.

Next day Father Bunny drove to the postal offices to pick up the parcel.

Almost all my Bunny Family is here, this handsome guy on the right
is Tako Tako a Japanese octopues who lives at 12,000 feet under the sea

As usual Draculina acted a the bad girl she is and divedinto the contents

And , there, it was. Miffa, Chairoko and Kiiroko as well as our naughty Draculina decide to open the box. Ei !!!!!! Chairoko and Kiiroko´ s parents have sent us a bunch of nice things. Draculina jumps the first in the box, as if she wants to plunge in the box - Chairoko advises Draculina that she should be careful and not jump in that way - Draculina does not care and she finds Umeshu “ She wants to drink Umeshu , but , Mother Bunny does not let her drink “ Umeshu

Miffa is very very happy to get some stuff she bought in a Japanese Mall with her Cafemiffy friends, She put it inside a parcel which is still considered lost by Air France. These French guys have not been very nice with Miffa. Although , Miffa has rung Air France almost every day, the French guys have not initiated any special action to find the parcel. On the top of that, they are quite rude on the phone . They have been telling Miffa that the parcel was not lost, as a parcel cannot be considered lost for 21 days. Now, the 21 days are gone and they asked Miffa to write down the content . They say that they will study the content and then let Miffa know, if she will get a part of that value. But, the nasty French guys already have an excuse : the content mainly consists of food , so, they are not responsible for the food. Miffa said : Ei, guys, I had several nice stuff there apart from food and that food was dried one . What about that ? No reaction from our Air France nasty guys. Phucck !!!

Draculina said. "That stuff smells really good"

Any way, our adorable Café Miffy´s friends sent us a nice parcel with parfums, food and Umeshu for Mother Bunny ( not for Draculina ), they called Narita airport too to ask for information about the lost item.

Thanks a lot , Caffe Miffy

By the way, Chairoko and Kiiroko have established a new Co. in Spain called Chairoko and Kiiroko Logistic Services. Miffa also has some shares . More news will come

Lot of stuff to make our Japanese party!!!! Yeahhh!

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sapporo 199

This is the old Sapporo beer factory, a nice red brick building

Of course the first attraction in Hokkaido is Sapporo. It is Japan’s fifth largest city with around 1.8 million people living there. Until nineteenth century Sapporo was just a small hunter and fishermen spot but after that it was designed as Hokkaido capital and its development was planned carefully.

One good thing about the last statement is that Sapporo centre observes the same pattern than many occidental cities. A grid with a central point close to their TV tower and then blocks are named East, West, South and North, great for occidental tourist.

The TV tower is a Eiffel alike red painted tower who designates somehow the city center. You can climb to the observatory for about 800 yens and there you will have a 360 panorama. More interesting is the “Bier Garten” around the tower. Expect to experience the same scenes you would experience in Munich.

Munich and Paris in the same pack and not as expensive as going there.

Mr. Kihachiro Okura visited Germany and he was shocked about the art of brewing beer. He decided to establish the first Japanese brewery here, in Sapporo around 1876.

You can visit Sapporo Beer-en, the old brewery located at N7E9 Higashi-ku. A museum where you can also taste different beer at a reasonable price. Note than the new brewery moved from here to another state of the art production plant.

I took the picture, Father Bunny had the beers

But the Bunny advice is having Jingus Kan – a traditional BBQ lamb dish very famous there- at the restaurant. For 3850 yen you can order all the lamb, vegetables and beer !!!

That’s great value, and great taste!

Thank good my father was not there with his friends or things had ended badly with great embarrassment by my side.
---------------- SPANISH ---------------

Por supuesto la primera atracción de Hokkaido es Sapporo. Es la quinta ciudad, por tamaño, de Japón con unos 1.8 millones de habitantes. Hasta el siglo 19 fue un asentamiento de cazadores y pescadores pero después se convirtió en la capital y su desarrollo se planifico de forma cuidadosa.

Lo bueno que tiene lo anterior es que la estructura de la ciudad se parece a muchas ciudades occidentales, una cuadricula con un punto central – cercano a la torre de la TV- a partir del cual se distribuyen y nombran las manzanas Norte, Sur, Este y Oeste.

La torre de la TV es una versión mini de la Torre Eiffel pintada de rojo que marca el centro de la ciudad. Puedes subir por unos 800 yens y disfrutar de una panorámica de la ciudad. Pero es más interesante el “Bier Garten” que esta en la plaza. Es increíble ver escenas que esperarías contemplar en Munich pero con Japoneses, claro.

Munich y Paris al mismo tiempo y sin necesidad de grandes gastos.

Kihachiro Okura visitó Alemania y quedo muy impresionado por su cerveza, tanto que estudio allí una temporada y se hizo maestro cervecero. A su vuelta construyo la primera fábrica de cerveza en Japón en Sapporo.

Sapporo Beer –en (N7E9 Higashi-ku) es la Antigua fábrica hoy reconvertida en museo y restaurante. La fabrica actual ya no esta allí sino a unos 40 minutos en tren en una nueva planta de producción.

Nuestro conejo consejo es que pruebes el Jingus Kan, un plato de barbacoa de cordero muy famoso en Sapporo. Por 3850 yens puedes comer tanto como quieras, aparte de beber toda la cerveza que puedas. No sólo es un buen precio, esta realmente bueno.

Por suerte para mi no estaba Draculina y los amigos de mi padre junto con él, porque sino la hubiesen liado.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bunny movin', bunny movin'... with style

We have been very busy the last two weeks…I must say that FB has been working hard at work and uploading, classifying and tagging my pictures.

Some are missing, may be the best when one thinks about real stuff, and may be not as good when talking about perfection. Of course are the ones taken with our little camera.

Look this one that proves that bunny domination of the world has started yet, and following the great bunny council guidelines we will start the silent revolution in Asia.

Nice car isn’t it. A Suzuki Lapin

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mondoconejo's new site

Mr. Evaseè es un artista global, mucho más que ilustrador, grafista, diseñador, productor músical y DJ, es – en un mundo de mediocridad y copia fácil –un autentico connoisseur – amante de lo clásico , de lo divino y de lo selecto.

Algo que en la actual sociedad de lujo fácil y falta de fondo se agradece.


Mr. Evaseè is an artist in the most complete meaning of this Word, further than his outstanding work as illustrator, graphic designer, music producer and DJ he is –in a World of easy copy and pathetic losers- one of the last connoisseu – who loves the classics, the divine and those things that are reserved for a few ones.

In our easy going and void society one has good reasons to thank him.

PD/PS : We just love his new site design and wanted to make a post like him, ok… may be Father Bunny is looking for a new job as an artist manager, or may be he is getting older. Being a human is so complicated

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A mad post in a bad day

I must say that I am suffering a deep post holiday syndrome, reviewing my pictures, ordering them, adding tags is a huge task.

This time we managed to get better pictures but we are still far from the pros (see Cyteck’s and Mr. Evaseè’s).I know their secret and I decided to take some digital post processing lessons while in Japan.

These handsome guys are my teachers.
---------------- Spanish versión -------------------------

Debo reconocer que me esta pillando una fuerte depresión post vacacional cuando reviso mis fotografías para ordenarlas y clasificarlas, algo mucho mñas duro de lo que parece.

Esta vez me han quedado mejor que en otras ocasiones, pero siguen estando por debajo de las de los profesionales (visitad a
Cyteck y a Mr. Evaseè) como se cual es su secreto me decidí a aprender algunas técnicas de retoque digital.

Estos amables señores son mis profesores

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