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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jet lag and Katanga's MEME

Mrs Katanga sent us a Meme. Actually it’s the first one that I’ve received so I asked my Father to help me with this piece of information. ;)

I must say that I am not a “design victim” and apart from just loving nice things I really do not care much about fashion and design. Since Mrs Katanga’s instructions to complete the meme were so basic I decided to categorize my likes into several areas.


Aston Martin DBS, combines not only power, beauty and soul but unique pieces (you don’t see or you did not see so much) and some old British heritage inherited from Rolls and Bentley. Arriving to your favourite hotel with your own exclusive luggage in the trunk and leaving the keys to the bellboy is a unique bunny experience much better than getting out from a tiny loud sport car in which only a cheap cordura bag can be fitted. (Typically Mr. Evaseé with a dumb blonde)

Porsche Carrera is a classic icon or how a modified VW Beatle with the engine hanged over the rear wheels can attract so much attention. Most of its solutions are out of date but electronics keep them on the right track. May be this is the same like having a nice watch with a quartz movement but…

Time pieces:

Oysters seldom hide surprises in the form of pearls but another icon inspires on them. The oyster perpetual is a classic sport watch with the better taste around the comex sea dwellers. And to demonstrate that design also has its weak point consider what bracelet closure you get for your money.

Pateks are never owned by the individuals who are wearing them; they just take care of the property that another member of the family will take care of. If you have some funds in UBS wearing a Platinum Gondolo when visiting your banker is just a must.

Writing instruments:

I agree with Mrs Katanga, Pilot pens are the best. Their gel inks make effortless to sign all the checks you must sign to get money or to get credit. Besides I do not like to write so much as to worried about expensive writing instruments. BTW I was in its museum in Ginza (Tokyo)

Mobile phone:

I need just to talk over the phone and my PA, so style, weight and “lifeproof” is what makes my Vertu a unique communication tool. Yeah, It doesn’t come with fancy features and is just half than any Blackberry but if I prefer other to write email from me rather than write them myself


Believe it or not I am quite practical and I don’t need to carry a lot of shit inside my purse, for that I have my Father carrying it for me. Neither I love to carry a purse in which I can fit inside or a key lock that weights more than my bag. The Hermes Kelly is the right choice.


Mandarin Oriental Tokyo will be perfect if its breakfast will include eggs without paying a ridiculous extra. It’s much more spacious than its cousin from Hong Kong and better located while having the greatest service you can desire.

The Peninsula is getting me on my nerves with some minor faults as putting me in a bigger room in the new building that I did not ask for. Just in the center of Kwoolon it’s much more convenient for die hard shoppers like me who like to make bell boys to work hard while unloading the trunk of the new mint green Rolls Royce.

Best sail and hull designer:

Mrs Katanga uncompromised style could be the reflect of oriental philosophy. She is able to subtly catch the energy coming out from your mind and soul to create a masterpiece who reflects the most intricate part of you.
PS1: I will think about who deserves to be honoured in this MEME

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back to Hong Kong

A nice place to have breakfast

After almost two weeks travelling around China with my Father we are now at the end leg of our trip. Back to Hong Kong – This time at The Peninsula- and for the first time he has agreed to take me to have breakfast at The Veranda.

Much more is coming about what it may be has been the more weird travel to mainland.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

I am a fan.

I am going back home, to Hong Kong and I convinced Father Bunny to stay in my new favourite spot: The Mandarin.

After all I am one of it's biggest fans.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Check This OUT!!

Where is Draculina and FB?

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Finish line

My father was so busy trying to justify his failure to accomplish his challenge that he forgot to publish the picture of him and Draculina in the FINISH LINE.

I must admit that I was scared when I saw them running though the crowd. Miffo reported they passed under the 2.5 check point in position 8089 but they managed to pass over 1100 runners.

Finally he preferred the show with Draculina better than winning our challenge. Well, that was not a good choice…

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

We just tried it (really hard). Gone in 28 sec.

I remember than me and my running mates usually avoided this race because it used to be (and it already is) the most expensive and crowded 10km race held in Barcelona. This year more than 15.000 people signed (50 % more than 2007).

We did not get the under 50 strap and this forced us to start at the very end. Many people manage to get a better position but we arrived to the start just 15 minutes prior to the run starting time.

I thought that this will be around 3 minutes more to cross the starting line, but it was more than 5 minutes and lot of people to pass and to avoid during the first three kilometres.

I did not remember being running in such a slow moving crowd and this fact together with my severe worries about getting moderately injured a week before going to China made my pace erratic and nervous. I finally decided not to use my heart rate monitor to reduce my motivation and without references I must say that this is the most uncomfortable race I have run, with the first kilometre made at 8:40.

Finally Draculina waited for me at kilometre 9 and we entered together holding our hands up. This last gesture possibly ruined my attempt to end under 50 minutes (0:50:28) but who cares about 28 seconds.

PS: Miffo was taking pictures with MB but she reaaly wants to run the next one with FB

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Run Father Bunny Run, but do not hurt urself.

As Miffa told you in her last post my last running event was almost five years ago and I started my training just a month and a half ago. In the middle not a single race, nor a single decent training.

Almost five years older means that if I wanted to run about 40-50 kilometres a week the risk of a running injure would be high. I tried to loose some weight during February and to reinforce my muscles a little bit. At the end of February I ran only 23 km using my gym’s
treadmill. February’s paces are so ridiculous that I prefer not to post them.

I started the first week of March training 4 days in a row (
treadmill) and doing my first on the road test. My pace was still very slow but on he road it was close to my old comfortable one of about 5:10 minutes a km.

But my first on road test may be it was too early or my effort too much for my ankle. For the first time in my running career (a very short one) I had problems with my left ankle. I used my trail New Balance shoes and may be this fact was a big mistake.

Next two weeks I tried to resign and call a doctor. Meanwhile more weight train for my legs and abdominal muscles. Almost 5 days in a row I spent 1 hour in the stepper machine at 140-150 bpm trying to train as if I were running up the hill.

It was really disappointed to stay away from running but at least I tried to continue work my aerobics. The Doctor was not of much help and he just diagnosed a left of tibialis posterior inflammation. Some more active relax during the second and third weeks of March.

Last week I suffered again from some little pains in my ankle and much worse, a little stress in my left knee (surely due to bad movement to cope with an ankle far from its 100%).

I ended March with about 80 km of real running work but with great doubts about my ankle and knee.

Lot of ice for my ankle and knee to reduce their little pain and for the first time really nervous about not being capable to end the race (needless to say Miffa and Mother Bunny pulling my leg) I knew that after 100 km in a month and a half with some minor injuries the best idea it would have been to forget about it.

Finally I decided to test myself. Draculina and me will try to be under 50 minutes and to end the race as safe as possible.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Draculina and Father Bunny will run in www.cursabombers.com

On September 28th 2003 Father Bunny ended his first attempt to run the Marathon. After several month training almost 50-60 kilometers a week he managed to finish the 2003 Barcelona half marathon in 1:43:28.

This was his better result in an athletic running event.

I must admit that I did not believe him when he told us about his past. We laugh and he got mad and run to search inside his closet. He proudly showed us his 2003 Mizuno wave rider IV and his training log book, together with his trail Mizuno Wildwood

For a real rabbit like me – capable of running over 50 km/h without much effort- his less than five minutes to cover a kilometre is not a great record, even poorer if you compare his speed with the 72 km/h my cousins – European Hares- can achieve. But I admit covering long distances is not a rabbit best ability.

So, we decided to bet with Father Bunny and Mother Bunny. He will run the next certified 10 km competition held in Barcelona in less than 52 minutes. And when we made the deal that was just a couple of month to achieve the challenge.

Five years older than last time and far from his best physical conditions we thought he will refuse but after the first month we began to worry about he running 10 to 14 kilometres at good pace.

He has suffered from tendinitis on his left ankle due to overtraining and this week he has taken Aspirin to deal with some sort of flu.

We think he will run, so we have decided Draculina will ran with him, just to take care of him and to be the youngest rabbit who has entered in a 10 km run.

Note: You can see Father Bunny’s gear. May be he is not in good shape but he has invested a lot of euros to renew his gear (Mizuno wave rider X and Wave Ascend II)
Do you want to bet with us????

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