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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Run Father Bunny Run, but do not hurt urself.

As Miffa told you in her last post my last running event was almost five years ago and I started my training just a month and a half ago. In the middle not a single race, nor a single decent training.

Almost five years older means that if I wanted to run about 40-50 kilometres a week the risk of a running injure would be high. I tried to loose some weight during February and to reinforce my muscles a little bit. At the end of February I ran only 23 km using my gym’s
treadmill. February’s paces are so ridiculous that I prefer not to post them.

I started the first week of March training 4 days in a row (
treadmill) and doing my first on the road test. My pace was still very slow but on he road it was close to my old comfortable one of about 5:10 minutes a km.

But my first on road test may be it was too early or my effort too much for my ankle. For the first time in my running career (a very short one) I had problems with my left ankle. I used my trail New Balance shoes and may be this fact was a big mistake.

Next two weeks I tried to resign and call a doctor. Meanwhile more weight train for my legs and abdominal muscles. Almost 5 days in a row I spent 1 hour in the stepper machine at 140-150 bpm trying to train as if I were running up the hill.

It was really disappointed to stay away from running but at least I tried to continue work my aerobics. The Doctor was not of much help and he just diagnosed a left of tibialis posterior inflammation. Some more active relax during the second and third weeks of March.

Last week I suffered again from some little pains in my ankle and much worse, a little stress in my left knee (surely due to bad movement to cope with an ankle far from its 100%).

I ended March with about 80 km of real running work but with great doubts about my ankle and knee.

Lot of ice for my ankle and knee to reduce their little pain and for the first time really nervous about not being capable to end the race (needless to say Miffa and Mother Bunny pulling my leg) I knew that after 100 km in a month and a half with some minor injuries the best idea it would have been to forget about it.

Finally I decided to test myself. Draculina and me will try to be under 50 minutes and to end the race as safe as possible.

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