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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More Bread, less Butter

As every year since a couple of them or something, Father Bunny and one of my sisters will go to this event that has been described as:

“In Barcelona fashion victims and those who really want to be walking on the knife edge while talking about fashion and music cannot afford to miss two events Sonar and Bread & Butter”

After the terrible experience in last year’s Custo Party (I had a golden VIP entrance and I missed the catwalk) I have decided to stay at home with my new Daikin AC on.

I would add this to the above statement

“People on their late 30’s and middle 40’s should not miss BBB, specially if they get excited cross dressing or wearing outfits designed for pre-adolescents who own their self stem to Noxima.”

Ahh, if you enjoy a lot of almost nude babes that’s for you too.

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