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Saturday, December 16, 2006

www.tocatealgo.com , phuckers, City Council and Christmas

Me, Father Bunny, Miffe, Olaf, Miff, and of course my sister Miffa are stressed. May be it is Christmas, may be we are special. Who knows?

We have been very critical with the “phucking” new era of communication. Father Bunny and me were in our way to our drug dealer and inside a down corridor we saw a “phucking” paper with a “phucker” silhouette.

We were doing our business and our feelings were:
“kinda pro for being a phucking pathetic bunch of phuckers”

I made an entry in my PDA – “ visit that place”

Now we have discovered that it’s a “phucking” “follafone”’s site.

Why the city council and the phuckers who wear a nice blue beret are not asking difficult questions to them. Are we protected from idiots like them?

Say “phuck” to Orange, Timofonica and “Garrafone”.

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