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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The 22 Non Mutable Laws of Selling Carrots: Law 3 Mind

Did you blog from Egypt Miffa? Way much better that those who blog having beer in crowded bars.

It's not important to be the first in the market but the first in the mind of consumers.

Preamble: After so many attacks we have received after our 22 Non Mutable Laws Series Me and FB have gotten more mad in our aim to complete the whole 22. I will discuss this in another post but bear in mind that FB was a little bit upset about people calling him nasty things.

This law is simple but it may interfere with the first one when you analyze it isolated. Perception is very important (and there’s a law devoted to it) and if you capture the mind of the consumer and he or she really thinks your carrots are the fresher ones there’s nothing a better carrot breeder can do about that.

Exercise one: Please write down

- Which is the first blog published by a litlle bunny you have read?
- In the category of Little bunny blogger which one is your favourite?
- Think bunny. Who is the new bunny sensation?


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