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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Unknown friends from Japan have conquered Europe: Miffa lost the battle.

"Yes Miffa, in Europe they're kicking your ass badly" - said my Father.

Finally my days in Punta Cana with my sisters, and lately with Olaf, are over. Now we’re again at home, may be just for a couple of weeks, but we –all the family—are at home.

Unfortunately my Private Banking Advisor made some stupid moves and my financial statement is not as good as to book a nice room at the Peninsula. Furthermore Father Bunny is mad about highest interest rates and some debts he has to pay.

Straight to the point – May be I have inherit the Rhetoric from FB- Mother Bunny promised me long time ago that will be hit Paris, but for more than a year a lot of problems and excuses have prevent me to visit this city. Let me introduce a statement at this point of my conversation; CaffeMiffy bunnies have been there flying from Japan.

Anyways, me and father bunny are here in Barcelona in a nice penthouse from where the sea can be viewed, and MB is in Eurodisney with Miff.

We already told our message for Mickey and Donald:

“Kick that phucker mouse well in his balls and get a big pole to put
inside the fucking Donald ass”

Yes, we are not very polite.

PD: The Flash movie at Eurodisney(FD) says “Cargamento” while loading.
I would like to say that cargamento has the meaning of “cargo” and is kind of heavy stuff, and that the word we use here is “cargando” that indeed is the correct translation for “loading”

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