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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Yes Madam, Yes Sir

Beware of your moves Miffa there's eyes upon your ears

Today Father Bunny and me had a conversation just a few minutes before he went to his work.

- You’d better change your blogging style a little bit Miffa –he said
- How I can improve it Father- I replied
- Learn from the masters Miffa and please inform your fans about your diet and exercises. – FB said.

Well, when in NYC we did a lot of bunny shaping. Check this Google Earth track to discover our 31.6 km track around the city

- Miffa Chan ate 36 oysters in different East Coast restaurants
- The Oysters were from Alaska, Maine, Boston, West Coast, etc
- We had Oysters at USA's oldest restarant-Union Oyster House-

PS: You will need Google earth

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