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Sunday, December 23, 2007

A new guest inside Miffa’s room.

I was willing to move to my new home all the time, I was promised a private room. Of course I knew that I should share it with my sisters and friends, but now it’s plenty of useless things that belong to Mother Bunny and Father Bunny.

My Mother’s awful Chaisse Longue, her zebra, tons of books… and two phones because it’s the only spot with phone plug and power plug together.

Our friend Nazbabunny is in the kitchen because he cannot stand it anymore. Furthermore when it rains mother Bunny place all the laundry in my room.

Today a new guest that will stay with us for a few weeks: “Pepe”. A blue budgie who scares my sisters as much as we scare him.
We will try to gain his friendship. Today Ninjin has feed him with the finest food

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