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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Umeko (梅子) visited Mexico. Part 1

First of all I would like to introduce Umeko. She is from Holland and part of the Chan family (a huge family with more members every day) since my last trip to Amsterdam.

Umeko wanted to travel to a distant place because she was a little bit depressed and tired of so many dark grey days and rain. She has a very adventurous and challenging character too, so Father Bunny arranged things and she travelled to Mexico.

I must say that both of us were scared about her visiting Mexico DF but she returned safe and very happy after a lot of joy and excitement visiting places and making new friends. Note that we may or may not endorse some opinions.

Umeko in Mexico!!

Umeko spent a whole month in Mexico, with Aunt Ale, who went to visit her family. She had a wonderful time looking up very interesting places, meeting people, enjoying the awesome weather, and best of all… tasting the REAL mexican food, totally different from that of many lousy “mexican” restaurants in Barcelona...(1)

Umeko couldn’t miss the huge Zocalo, the center of México City. There’s the National Palace and the Cathedral.

And here in the middle of the traffic hour (which actually seems to be every single hour in this city), in Paseo de la Reforma, one of the most important and beautiful avenues of the city. In the back, the Ángel de la Independencia, one of the most symbolic mexican monuments.

Actually, Umeko had the chance to live another kind of mexican experience, not the typical caribean spring break scene (2). And she’s also a witness: not every single mexican carries a gun, and of course, they don’t throw shots to the air to celebrate, as Father Bunny always tells…(3)

Mexican hospitality is well-known. The people is really warm and kind. The always try to make you feel like home. Of course, Aunt Ale’s family was delighted to receive Umeko, they just loved her, because she is so small, soft and cute!!

One weekend, the whole family went on a trip to Querétaro, which is about 2 hours from México City. She made a new friend, Lupita!

Lupita took Umeko to an emblematic place of Querétaro: la Peña de Bernal.

It’s a huge rock in one piece of about xxx m tall (4). Great place for camping, climbing and rappelling. The view is amazing, and people say even UFOs have been seen… great place for close encounters...

There’s also a little market of handcrafts where you can find all kind of typical mexican souvenirs.

Bye bye Lupita!!(5)

Miffa and FB's notes:

(1) Personally I hate Mexican restaurants
(2) She told me that she wanted to be there despite all the Americans and European looking for a ready to make Caribbean picture.
(3) That's true, some of them carry machine guns and knives to celebrate even louder.
(4) this article needs more research but I swear they were there.
(5) We will like to invite Lupita to Barcelona (or China)

PS: We arrange with Lloyds Umeko's travel insure (That covers any danger she eventually could face, including little bunnies kidnapping)

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  • Nice to meet you, Umeko! I bet Mexico is a great place to visit. Viva la comida de Mexico!
    I'll be so scared if I see people on the street carrying machine guns! Umeko you're brave!
    Lupita looks like such a good host.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/08/2008 02:11:00 pm  

  • Umeko,
    We write her name in Japanese as "梅子"!!

    We really would like to meet you!!

    Kiiroko and Chairoko

    By Blogger CafeMiffy, at 5/08/2008 05:09:00 pm  

  • Thank you very much Chairoko and Kiiroko, now the post is complete!

    She loves cherries, thus the name. ;)

    About guns, 9j, surely there are people out there that will try to tell you there're not hiding guns, but they're. hehe... Just kidding.

    But for sure it's not as safe as Tokyo or Hong Kong. Forget those LV purses at home and watch your stuff!

    By Blogger Father Bunny, at 5/08/2008 05:58:00 pm  

  • Thanks, Father bunny!
    We are happy to see revised title!

    Cherry is Sakura "桜",
    Japanese apricot is Ume "梅"
    Cherry and Ume are famous traditional japanese flowers.
    I guess Umeko is derived from Umeshu(Mother banny favorite drink)!!

    Kiiroko and Chairoko

    By Blogger CafeMiffy, at 5/08/2008 07:19:00 pm  

  • Yes, I guess Umeko and I do look alike! LOL! But we have different clothes on. I wish I were as widely traveled as Umeko is. I'm looking forward to traveling to Macau with Anita Maria and her family next month!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/09/2008 09:21:00 am  

  • Any way, following Father Bunny's efforts to scare tourists away from Mexico, I just have this comment: if you can't beat them, join them...

    So, about guns dear FB... besides machine guns and knives, you forgot machetes and bazookas! Like the one Lupita hides under her skirt, which she would've used without a doubt to protect Umeko from any bad guy... he he... Just kidding.

    By Blogger Aunt Ale, at 5/10/2008 06:06:00 pm  

  • Father Bunny: Have u been in México Before?? 'cause it seems that u don't know well the Real México as Umeko Show us those Beautiful places and the kindness of the people.
    Aunt Ale & Umeko visited this wonderful country and they could tell you something more about it.
    FB aren't there, in Spain, people with guns???

    By Blogger Rubas, at 5/15/2008 10:51:00 pm  

  • Umeko!!...I miss you!!
    I hope you had a great time in my wonderful country Mexico!
    Of course I accept your invitation to Barcelona!! I´ll find the way to travel there!

    Pd:I also miss you Aunt Ale!!

    By Blogger Lupita, at 5/16/2008 12:57:00 am  

  • Here we usually do not carry guns but we do carry our pocket knife hided inside our traditional Toreador outfit.

    Personally I'd rather prefer a gun but tradition is very important for us. Lateley my "Toreo" is much worse than before because I have no time to train.

    I was once in Mexico DF and apart from all the jokes I consider it a very dangerous city.

    By Blogger Father Bunny, at 5/16/2008 06:16:00 pm  

  • Well father Bunny what can i tell you!!!!
    Tourist don't let that a comment judge over the reality. Just visit México and u will see what a wonderfull country is.

    Aunt Ale miss you, say hello to pepe.

    By Blogger Rubas, at 5/16/2008 06:26:00 pm  

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