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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Katanga's Reflections (Reflejos)

Yesterday it was a major holiday in Barcelona: La Mercè. For the first time since I live here we didn’t do anything special, in fact we remained at home all day. Ok, Father Bunny was in the mood for an early run but this is nothing special to take into account. I think that we are only in the mood to discover Barcelona’s attractions when we have guests.

I went with my father to grab the newspaper and I discovered that my friend Katanga – and the only human who is a member of the Supreme Council- i
s the producer and director of Kiefer Sutherland’s new movie: Mirrors (Reflejos in Spanish).

Yes, I know that in the movie she is not credited in any place. But believe me when I say that if the movie, or at least the visual effects are not supervised by her, the “Reflections” will be lame photoshop filters done by underpaid inexperienced people.

Please read the sentence: El mal se esconde al otro lado - Evil hides in the other side.

Evil hides on reflections!!

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  • jajajajaja, q wenoooo!!! No sé si verla pq, como no me han llamado para supervisar los efectos, puedo cagarme de miedo, jajaja. De entrada y para ir abriendo boca, fíjate bien en las piernas de la prota en el cartel. Tú crees q sufre de algún tipo de patacortismo o más bien es la primera en la frente? ;)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/26/2008 11:16:00 am  

  • a mi me asusta más el micropie que gasta!!!

    Jajaja, cuando lo vi, pense:

    - Esto no puede funcionar sin el necesario asesoramiento...

    Es que tiene narices llamar a la peli : Reflejos

    Quizás va de una especialista en tratamiento de imagenes que elimina a todos aquellos que no hacen bien su trabajo.!!!

    By Blogger Father Bunny, at 9/26/2008 01:09:00 pm  

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