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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Delirum Tremens Chocolate Cake Recipe

Few days ago Father Bunny had a business lunch with the company he has been working for long time in San Sebastian. In a certain part of the conversation Father bunny told them that his little bunnies (Miffu and me) have a restaurant and sometime we publish some recipes in our blog, in fact the first time we did that was when he had that nice carrot cream that we overperform

A very nice girl called Patricia gave father bunny a “blow mind” super secret chocolate cake recipe and we will introduce it in our menu.


  • Half pound (225 gr.) Fondant Chocolate. Almost one full tablet
  • One quarter pound (125 gr.) butter
  • Two eggs
  • Up to three tablespoons sugar (75 gr) but we suggest you to use just one (25 gr) just to reduce chocolate bitterness.
  • Another suggestion is to add one shot of brandy


Melt chocolate and butter slowly directly in cooker or preferably “a la bain-marie”

Whisk the eggs with the sugar and add it to the melted chocolate, (add brandy if desired).

Prepare the mould using some butter (over its surface) to facilitate un-moulding, add the whole mix and place it inside the oven at 350 F (180 º C) for half an hour. We suggest you to place foil paper over the mould during the fist fifteen minutes and to remove it for the last fifteen.

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