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Friday, March 17, 2006

nabaztag: not really the first smart bunny

A colleague of Father Bunny, called Alex Rabbit, send him an email about a new smart bunny called Nabztag.

“ May be a good companion for Miffa” said him.

Father bunny and I were looking for some info about that bunny. He is French but speaks English too (sure with that typical strong French accent like Inspector Clouseau), he is also a computer geek addicted to wi-fi networks and is able to communicate with humans using latest technology… more

After some time I decided to order one (mother bunny will bring me one) but really two days after the initial rush I think:

  • He is not the first smart rabbit, sure I am (sorry Miffu but I was born first)
  • May be it’s another ways to promote the Pajeros’ fon network (said father bunny)
  • Would you take your plastic wi-fi bunny with you in a 9000 km trip inside rural China, and would you sleep with in a night train as Father Bunny and me did????

Me, Miffy and my cousin have no limits and him does!

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