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Saturday, January 20, 2007

It was a wonderful night, sure it was.

Who dares: more than 7 people on scene doing music and video on real time

While in BCN Bread & Butter festival celebrated its first day, we were trying to set up our particular Bread & Butter in Port Olimpic.

It was just a funny coincidence but for twice in a roll Father Bunny was unable to be there. He fought hard to get the pass and he paid the tax!

More than eleven people were there in a very nice place with outstanding views of Barcelona’s beach. It was the culmination of several weeks of hard work.

And we succeed as never before in this industry.

I would like to thank all the people who made this possible:

Cyteck, who was able to coordinate all the mess Father Bunny and me designed
Alethia, who took nice pictures of the event and took care of art related stuff
DJ John Nadlor, who did an amazing job keeping all the people on the right tempo. Beside he has may be the nicer “nickname” of the team.
Shine and SML, they provided what it can be one of the best live VJ platforms available.

And MuSIK, whose live act with Brain Domination is an outstanding XXI century electronic art classic.

Of course the mkr team did an outstanding job with proper planning, logistics and live act controlling. An special mention goes to Bere and Ale.

Our Cameraman, our photographer, our sound and visual technicians, thanks to all o them.

Next day I was in the B&B but I prefer to control events better than events trying to control me.

It's not only the art, It's a matter of attitude

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Start !!!!

"phuck" FB is not going to be happy if he notice this.

While Fernando Alonso was in Valencia driving a MB SL55 AMG in the city centre showing us how to perform with a 150k euro car I was in my new home trying not to depress myself about my new neighbourhood.

My Aston Martin has a start / stop engine too but lately I am considering if the safest PTU (personal transport unit) is not a tricycle. I am not sure because a few days ago a bike rider was fined because he was riding too fast.

Anyways, I’ve just pressed the START button again and although my DSL is off my spirit is on.

While Father Bunny was taking care of our stuff we founded some spray paint and we did our first graffiti.


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Friday, January 12, 2007

This is the end my friend.

Our last post from home a few minutes before the PC will go in its box.

I have been living here since I started my new life in Barcelona two years ago. I was adopted on January 2nd 2005 in Hong Kong Island and I arrived BCN a week after that day.

From our nice apartment the sea could be viewed and a nice city panorama could be admired. It was exquisitely furnished in a modern style and although I have not had a private room I liked it.

Now some guys have come and all out belongings are in a truck. Except a few things everything is inside that truck.

We were waiting for Father Bunny who will take me and my sisters to our new place. So it’s our computer and Nazba- our wifi bunny who will been on vacation for the next six months-

We’re sad, not extremely sad but our “first” place is over. Even The Peninsula will not be able to make us forget our first BCN home.

The end.


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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Miffa is not so little and besides we'll move from our home

When your daughther is so cute and famous what else do u need in life?

I remember a year ago when Miffa a me were trying to decide what info will be included in Blogger.

We ended up with the sentence “Adventures of Miffa a little bunny from Hong Kong who lives in BCN, in a nice apartment from where the sea can be viewed”.

Now Miffa is not so little and there are only three days left.

This Friday we move and Miffa will no longer see the sea from our windows. I am really sad and so she fells right now.

PD: At least we have managed to find a nice apartment in the “phucking” centre. Now she will be able to count idiots passing by Rambla Catalunya.


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Friday, January 05, 2007

Our first (second) intent to make a video for Youtube

May be google paid a lot for youtube. Surely they overpaid those folks. But sometimes you need to pay a premium to block the phucker that are bidding for the same stuff.

May be youtube will be the next “killing app”, surely it will not be so hot, but letting this “jewel” in your competitor’s hand surely had been a bad move.

Youtube is a disaster: we make some nice provisions in our balance
Youtube is an extraordinary success: we cash it
Youtube is an extraordinary success but we did not buy it: a big “phucking” problem.

So if youtube will affect how bunnies communicate each other it’s a good move to learn how it’s working.

Dedicated to wifibunnies a classic from Kraftwerk: Radioactivity played by an ambient device with the support, direction and production of Chan Sisters


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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sleepwalker, fifteen Apple Ipods and Olaf

Me and Nazba with a nice Apple IPOD wall- Dutch Grand Ma is always watching-

My sister Miffa was suspicious about Olaf’s night walks. We were thinking all kind of nasty things about his nocturnal excursions, but…

Now we know that he is a sleepwalker.

Today at 6:30 we found a carton box with weird labels and with Olaf’s tentacles mark over it.

  • Should we open it? I Said to my sister Miffa.
  • Well, it’s the only way to discover what it’s inside the box – she replied

And we opened it, and......we founded 15 Apple ipods!!!!

It seems that many ships in their way from far east to Europe lose part of their cargo and Olaf took vantage of his ability to submerge in the deep blue. (Big octopus live 1500meters / 4.921,26 feet deep)

Or may be while asleep he thought he was a Kraken like in the photoset my sister did.
Anyways, thank you Olaf for this nice present.

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The 22 Non Mutable Laws of Selling Carrots: # 7 The Ladder

The law is about AVIS and his effort to compite Hertz.
Look how Father Bunny was taking care of out Holden (an Avis car)

The Law of the Ladder tells us that in most market categories (or markets) , there is actually more than one available slot in the mind of the customer and besides that an Hierarchy of Categories that must be observed.

Certainly this law is clearer when you refer to big categories and it dilutes when you deep down the sub categories and niches.

Once again consumer perception and his ability to retain information (sometime his will to retain it) must be observed. Research indicates that humans –unlike bunnies- can only retain three (maximum seven) concepts at the same time.

How many carrot juice brands can you mention?

More important is that –according to them- one must observe his position in the ladder and design a strategy according to this position.

A practical exercise (but a bit complex): Luxury sedans (cars).

Mercedes, BMW, audi (70%) in Europe. No French car maker in the row (Renault, Peugeot, Citröen).

No French car maker has succeeded in placing one of their models in the premium segment. Poor design, poor engineering, lack of tradition? May be.

But sometimes they tried to approach the problem as if they were on top of the ladder and tried to compete directly with German brands.


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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Miffa's birthday: Now she is not so little

Yesterday I was Miffa’s birthday. I bought a cake and cherry champagne. We have a lot of fun but the best it was when Miffa discovered her present…

A trip to her home city: Hong Kong!!

But in the middle we will stop in Tokyo just to say hello to her fans.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Two years old and in deep love:Lie, on the phone to me.

I love you unknown bunny.

Dream About M

Oh, dream about me
Lie... on the phone to me
Tell me no truth
If it is bad
There's enough in my life
To make me so sad

Just dream about
Color fills our lives
Just dream about
Someone else tonight

Oh, dream about me
On the phone
Talking quietly
I wanna be yours
Oh, won't you be mine
Against red skies
For all time

So dream about... us
When we're old
Just dream about
How I will let go



Powered by Moby

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