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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sleepwalker, fifteen Apple Ipods and Olaf

Me and Nazba with a nice Apple IPOD wall- Dutch Grand Ma is always watching-

My sister Miffa was suspicious about Olaf’s night walks. We were thinking all kind of nasty things about his nocturnal excursions, but…

Now we know that he is a sleepwalker.

Today at 6:30 we found a carton box with weird labels and with Olaf’s tentacles mark over it.

  • Should we open it? I Said to my sister Miffa.
  • Well, it’s the only way to discover what it’s inside the box – she replied

And we opened it, and......we founded 15 Apple ipods!!!!

It seems that many ships in their way from far east to Europe lose part of their cargo and Olaf took vantage of his ability to submerge in the deep blue. (Big octopus live 1500meters / 4.921,26 feet deep)

Or may be while asleep he thought he was a Kraken like in the photoset my sister did.
Anyways, thank you Olaf for this nice present.

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