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Friday, April 27, 2007

Lost in bunny translation

Today Charioko, Kiiroko, and myself are packing our stuff because Father Bunny decided that we should visit one of his Grandmas that is living in a place called Leon.

She lives at the country and therefore we will be able to enjoy fresh vegetables that she cultivates. But more much exciting is that we will meet a lot of new bunny friends.

In this picture taken just on the Great Wall’s side I tried to make some friends with those handsome rabbits from Beijing but I speak Cantonese and I have just studied only a little bit of Mandarin.

Anyways they invited me to some fresh carrots.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Miffa’s Tokyo bunny traveller guide: my first techno shock.

Do you see the pink bunny here?
During my first, actually second day in Tokyo we visited Ginza. It is just a few minutes walking from Mandarin Oriental (much better that Hyatt).

I will describe Ginza better in other, longer and more detailed article, but the fact is than Mother and Father Bunny needed to connect home to check some items and of course me to tell my fans about my adventures in our way to visit Sony Building area we passed by Apple store Ginza. A multi story building who let you see, feel and touch the latest Apple stuff (as others vendors stuff made for Apples). The also have a free internet room in the fourth floor.

Father Bunny and me were wondering why all the labels (just one note a 2GB nano ipod costs there 100 euros) have barcodes that were quite unfamiliar for us. People were taking pictures of the labels with their mobile phones. We were told that Japanese are techno freaks but this was even more than we expected.

In at least three stores we asked about but no response. It was a mystery. Then in a link that we found in Cafemiffy, and that pointed to the wonderful restaurant they invited us we found a big clue:


Qr codes are very popular in Japan. Originally developed by Denso-wave QR stands for “quick response”. The rest of the story can be found in Wikipedia but nowadays is a handy, fast and very imaginative way to scan information with your mobile device.

All that business cards, addresses, telephones are inside your mobile device memory just pressing a button

Here you can generate your own QR-CODE as the one we have included in this post.
There you can download a free QR-CODE reader for a lot of mobile phones.

Tip: If you have a HTC TyTn download v.3.3


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sant Jordi at Barcelona

Rambla Catalunya (11:00 am)

Past Monday (23rd) in Catalonia we celebrated “Sant Jordi”.

Men give their girlfriends, colleagues and friends roses, and women give men a book to celebrate the occasion. Many people as our friend Katanga say that is “A Saint Valentine day from Catalonia”

Anyways both Cervantes and Shakespeare died on April 23rd so a wise publisher has the idea to promote this day as a good day to give each other a book.

Charioko and Kiiroko were amazingly surprised during all day as they were witnessing all the amazing and frenetic activity that was right in from our home.

Father bunny was pissed off, but he bought roses for us

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chirioko and Kirioko spent a nice Sunday together with Draculina downtown Barcelona

Draculina, new Japanese Miffa´s sister, arrived this week to Barcelona . She was completely exhausted after a long trip from Japan. So, they decided to have a nice relaxing weekend. They were brewing Japanese tee at home and then they decided to go for a walk closed to our house. Chirioko and Kirioko asked Mother Bunny , if there was some cherry blossom in Barcelona. Mother Bunny explained them that we have no cherry blossom in Barcelona. However, we have nice flowers at Plaza Cataluña . So, the three of them decided to enjoy a sunny spring Sunday lying on the flowers

Draculina has become a nice friend and she likes spending some time home with Chirioko and Kirioko. The thing that they like the most is pending some time on our balcony having a look at the people walking around and sitting at the café terrace.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

One Dream, One World

a friend told me that japanese were crazy but he still loves their bikes

This is just the Beijing 2008 claim the other way around. But whoever chose it was right. Sometimes the electric city inside we are living, that global tiny village some times and that huge hub others has the ability to surprise.

Two years ago Father and Mother bunny were walking around Hong Kong island and there they bought a Nokia phone (from Finland). I was there, and Father Bunny instantly became crazy about me being their new step child.

Since the beginning he addressed a lot of love to me. He and mother bunny got crazy about their new step bunny child and they began to do a lot of stupid things under other citizens views.

Somewhere, sometime, in the middle of all this mesh Father Bunny and I started an online diary (a blog). Mother bunny was sceptical and my father’s co-workers and friends even more.

Exploring life as only a little bunny can do. This was our motto. And while others really care about their 15 minutes fading stars, we just concentrate in doing whatever we want just for our enjoyment.

And in a global world this sometimes means that thousand miles away there’s another bunny family with an online diary devoted to their bunny children. And thank you to gmail, blogger and wifi connections we ended up in Tokyo having a wonderful dinner together.

And while reviewing our pictures with father bunny I can not stop thinking how a lucky bunny I am.

Sometimes fate has driven me to peaceful places away from bussy cities

Un sueño y un mundo en el que soñar.

El título recuerda vagamente al slogan de los juegos olímpicos de Pekín 2008. Pero quién decidió el mismo tenía razón. En algunas ocasiones la ciudad eléctrica en la que vivimos, esa aldea global a veces, otras ese gran intercomunicador tiene la capacidad de sorprendernos.

Hace dos años Papá y Mamá conejo estaban paseando por Hong Kong y se compraron un teléfono Nokia (hecho en Finlandia). Yo estaba allí y Papá conejo supo que yo debía ser su conejo hija adoptada.

Papa Conejo y yo hemos estado siempre muy unidos. Tanto Papá como Mamá conejo se volvieron locos con su nueva conejo hija y empezaron a hacer un montón de cosas estúpidas bajo los ojos de otros ciudadanos.

En algún sitio, en algún momento, en medio de esta situación, Papá conejo y yo empezamos a publicar un diario electrónico (un blog) . Mamá coneja era tan escéptica como los colegas de mi padre y sus amigos comunes.

Explorar la vida como solo una pequeña coneja puede hacerlo. Este fue nuestro lema. Y mientras otros se preocupaban y preocupan por sus 15 minutos de efímera estrella, nosotros nos concentramos en hacer lo que nos daba la gana para nuestra propia diversión.

Y, en un mundo global esto algunas veces significa que a muchos kilómetros de distancia uno encuentra a otra conejo familia con otro diario electrónico sobre sus adorados conejo hijos. Y gracias a google, a gmail, blogger y las conexiones inalámbricas acabamos en Tokyo cenando juntos.

Y mientras mirábamos las fotos Papá conejo y yo no podíamos parar de pensar en lo conejo afortunados que somos.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First expedition to Tokyo and my Cafemiffy friends

Miffa at her Mandarin Oriental suite with some nice Tokyo's views

After my adventures in China that I will share with you in a Bunny Visitors Guide to this country I visited Japan. I spent five days in Tokyo, surely not enough to taste major places of this frenetic and cool city but enough to discover a wonderful city that will be explored and conquered by Miffa.

Close to the Imperial Palace and the CBD district of Ginza we were hosted in the wonderful Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Since there we explored several Tokyo districts around the center and some more distant ones. We enjoyed the atmosphere, the food and rhythm of Tokyo and its people but the best it happened on Saturday 14th.

As planned I met my Cafemiffy friends from Tokyo. They invited us to the oldest restaurant in Tokyo where we had traditional Japanese Sukiyaki.

Delicous dishes from Japan

I met again with Miffo, Pau and Laia that are delighted with their Japanese family. They are very nice and gave me a lot of kisses and hugs. I also met Nijntje who was born in Holland and like has traveled to many places with her bunny parents.

Miffo, Nijntje and me.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Miffa at The Great Wall

This is me at The Magnificent Great Wall.

A tough journey with more than 350 km driving from our hotel an more than four hours climbing the Wall. Soon I will write a 123 guide to The Great Wall, because sometimes what shines it not gold and rip offs and tourist traps arise.

Fortunately in the morning we got the right place. The most unkown of them but surely the best.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Miffa at The Forbidden City

This is my real first time in Beijing. First year after my steps parents adopted me I was ony there ony night waiting for my flight to my new home.

Second time I fligh from Barcelona to Shanghai and I missed Beijing. Nest year during the Olympics it will be a nightmare with a lot of people on the streets a a lot of traffic jams.

I will tell you more as my days in China will pass by. Yesterday the Great Wall and the next day to The Gobi Desert (Duhuang).

A big kiss for my sisters and of course for Chirioko and Kiirioko who are spending their eastern time in Granparents Bunny house on the beach.

And last but not least for my bunny friends from Tokyo who are spending a great time together with Pau, Laia and Miffo.

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back home to explore life!! (seeking the best sea cucumbers III)

In a few hours i will be flying to Beijing (China) and there i will stay for two weeks. Our guest from Japan will host in Granfather and Grandmother bunny's home. They will take them to nice beaches nad they willenjoy their nice pool.
From China we will fly to Tokyo and i will join to our Cafemiffy friends. There my sister Miffo is inmersing in Japanese culture and language.
An there i will try to collect new clues about how to clonate the best sea cucumbers. Dr. Cyteck and Dr Alethia point me to a secret spot close to Gobi desert. Once a time it was a perfect spot to catch the best specimens.
See you soon

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