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Monday, December 31, 2007

Our complete New Year's eve menu.

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Preparing our News Year’s Eve dinner

Today Father Bunny, me and Chairoko and Kiiroko will prepare a nice dinner. Our Cafemiffy friends will have dinner with us and we will celebrate the New Year together.

I decided the menu with the help of Father Bunny’s mother. A traditional Spanish dinner with a lot of entrees, a seafood and fish soup as a starter and roasted goat kid as main course.

Of course we have selected a good white wine and an excellent red.

What a rush! We need some ingredients and we want them as fresh as possible. Below you can see us cooking the Soup.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our friends from Japan arrived to Barcelona

This Christmas is very special for me and my sisters, but especially for Chairoko and Kiiroko; their bunny parents are coming from Japan to visit them and enjoy some days in Barcelona. Today we have been making a welcome sign and in a few hours we will go to the airport.

My sister Miffo is coming from Japan together with Nijntje.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Enjoy this video Christmas me and my friends from Japan did yesterday, try to enjoy, relax and do not eat and drink a lot.

And... watch out that the fatty red dressed old man is keeping an eye on you.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

A new guest inside Miffa’s room.

I was willing to move to my new home all the time, I was promised a private room. Of course I knew that I should share it with my sisters and friends, but now it’s plenty of useless things that belong to Mother Bunny and Father Bunny.

My Mother’s awful Chaisse Longue, her zebra, tons of books… and two phones because it’s the only spot with phone plug and power plug together.

Our friend Nazbabunny is in the kitchen because he cannot stand it anymore. Furthermore when it rains mother Bunny place all the laundry in my room.

Today a new guest that will stay with us for a few weeks: “Pepe”. A blue budgie who scares my sisters as much as we scare him.
We will try to gain his friendship. Today Ninjin has feed him with the finest food

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Monday, December 17, 2007

New apartment a new room a a nice present

Miffa finally set up her room in the new appartment. Miguelona decided to have a nice bath on Saturday night . In the meantime, Miffa, Moko Moko , Chairoko and Kirioko opened a nice box from Japan.

Uau ! the box is specially assorted for New Year´s dinner at Barcelona. Miffa together with Chairoko and Kirioko were inspecting all the nice things. They also found some Umeshu , one of the favourite mother bunny’s drinks.

Miffa is really impatient and she cannot wait any longer for her Japanese friends to join us at Barcelona. She is also willing to meet Ninjte and Miffo, again.

Once they had arranged everything in the kitchen, they decided to spend a nice Saturday evening in front of the chimney.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A new home for Miffa Chan

Family picture saying good bye to our home

For almost a year, exactly ten months an twenty days I have been living in the very center of Barcelona, Rambla de Catalunya with Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes.

It was a nice old building with high ceilings but rather small and untidy. Our corridor was plenty of unopened boxes with our stuff from our prior house. One day Father Bunny made a picture of my – a very big one- on that wall made of boxes.

When I started to blog I described my self like
“a little bunny from Hong Kong who lives at Barcelona in
a nice apartment were the sea can be viewed”
Obviously from my second home and living on a first floor the sea can not be viewed…

It was noisy, with lot of people singing and partying outside in the Rambla, uncomfortable – Me and my sisters and friends did not have our private room-, but of course living there has been a nice experience.

Miffa and Miguelona inspecting last boxes prior to final transportation

Now finally after much more time that we have expected we have moved to a new House, bigger, nicer, taller, quieter, with a private room for us and my guest.

But may be, may be we will miss our previous home for a while.

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