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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Apologies, opinions, a new apartment… live moves.

People express their opinions and thoughts

I would like to advice you about power delegation. I have been a little bit sick past week (perhaps too may carrot cake) and I asked my sister Miffu and FB to take care of the blog.

Results: a lot of complaints and nasty emails about “my” cynical attitude and “my” disrespect about other people.

What can I say? Sorry? May be, but take into consideration that these opinions were theirs. And in any newspaper or TV you need someone who lights the fire.

In less than a month I will move from a nice penthouse from where the sea can be seen to another place in Barcelona’s centre. I will miss this place and this neighbourhood.

Father Bunny works in Gracia – one Barcelona city district – that has a special character. It’s like a little town inside the city and open minded people used to live here.
Personally I would not like to live in Gracia but lately living here is kind of “cool”.

This “cool” effect, like in the area call “El Born” has some negative impact and thus the picture.

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