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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A great journey starts with the first step

Hey, may be I am not as good Djeeing as John Nadlor
but look the nice hat they gave me in Bread & Butter

This is a nice header for a post with sensibly less sense. I did a considerable long step coming from a nice city located in the South China Sea (yes my beloved Honk Kong). Even a longer step when I decided to see what’s up in the opposite country (antipodes).

But in life a considerable shorter step could be more difficult than a larger one, even if are talking about several thousand kilometres and just 5 kilometres.

I’ve moved from a nice apartment from which the sea could be viewed to another one in the very centre of Barcelona (close to Plaça Catalunya) and it’s has been a very hard move for me and Father Bunny.

And, as in every single matter in life, I am learning something: I’ve travel a lor and I’ve visited a lot of places outside Barcelona but only a few places in Barcelona.

Wouldn’t I start to know a little bit about my second city? I will tell Father Bunny.


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