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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lord of war (or even worse marketing)

A little bunny needs a lot of love and care… I really acknowledge that I am a little bit posh and demanding with Father & Mother bunny.

This year has started with all the family moving from a nice place to a less nice place and with my Father Bunny revisiting his worst nightmares, and this obviously has had an impact in Chan Family’s home.

Father Bunny has been unbearable past two weeks because he was in charge of some events. He is quite good in this business and his concepts are outstanding but he really hates the – on field work-

In the Guggenheim he and his crew set up everything in one hour, but still his seek for perfection spirit made him sick when some pieces of this performance were far from perfection.

The perfection – as father bunny told me – has a name and this is the DCR- MKR -
Wifi bunnies’ team:

Musik , a computer analyst and great VJ, Cyteck and Alethia, new media designers who took care off all the visuals

Albert , the camera, Alejandra and Bere the PR, Joseph, the Producer , Sergi & Fede ,the music directors who created the theme.


Father Bunny hates events because he was in charge of events several years ago when he was involved in a non mature project for a non mature customer, and he quit from there.

But several years after he did it the same mistake: . Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Bilbao.

Father Bunny did not want me to go, but my sister Miffu was in two of them. He bought me a nice Prince of Wales hat. He met Mr Berrope, he achieve a great success, but even though he is not in a goof mood.

But “The End is Coming”

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