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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Miffu’s incredible adventures facing ice and snow

Miffu is commanding the SpaceStation V

Father Bunny told me if I was in the mood for a business trip to Madrid and then to Alicante. But they were a lot of people and I’ve been in Madrid a lot of times, so we decided that Miffu should go.

Father Bunny and Miffu are shaped from the same stone. They prefer to be against the mainstream as a regular basis and they do not care about tradition, they fight about traditions.

But both of them have the rare ability to survive in a hostile environment using their camouflage and speech abilities.

A flight from BCN to MAD, an event in Thyssen museum, a trip to Alicante with a nice Opel Zafira and an icy highway, several parties…

I really think my father and his colleagues are not a good example for my sister….

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