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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Miffa's 2006 review. The last thoughts

With these boots – a gift from my parents- I will conquer the world

Hi folks!

This is my last post in 2006. This year has been great!! I’ve done so many things with Mother and Father Bunny. They took me to China, Hong Kong, Egypt, Holland, Australia, and Tasmania and to other local places in Spain such as Ibiza, Madrid among others.

They have also organized a big party for my 100 posts …That was great. I was spending my private holidays at a luxury hotel in Punta Cana together with my sisters. Suddenly, father bunny called me, I took my Vertu, replied , bought immediately a business class ticket and went back to Barcelona. At El Prat´s Airport Mother and Father Bunny were waiting for me. Mother Bunny had a rented a limo to take me back home and once we arrived our maid had cooked for us a special meal. Father bunny had baked a nice cake.

A few more things regarding 2006: I sailed a lot and I´ve become an experienced sailor even facing very bad weather conditions .

By the way, let me also mention my boyfriends in 2006: first one - this year- was Cutnejo, a nice rabbit. I even flew to China to save him from evil people. Some months before that , my Parents took me to Holland and while my Father Bunny was riding a bike , I saw a nice Dutch bunny , who just passed by. For a while, I fell in love with him, but I never saw him again. Then, at Punta Cana I had an affair with a Cuban Rabbit. I love the way Caribbean people dance! That was really fun.

And I was about to forget … a few days ago a nice Rabbit called “ Mofo “ said to Father Bunny that he has honest intentions and he would like to meet me. He even dared to come home with a nice proper letter asking Father Bunny, if it was possible to meet me. Father Bunny put him in our tiny room, where we have a washing machine. I said, “Hey , Father Bunny , where is the “phucking” problem ? I would like to meet him. Look at the letter. All his intentions are good “But, Father Bunny kept him in the tiny room. Well, may be in 2007 I’ll rescue him .

My best friends 2006: Dana, a nice gentle dog who lives at our friends´ house. She is very cute and she kisses me on my face, when she sees me. I like her very much !
I have a new friend, Evasee. He is a blogger , too. I had the chance to meet him at Ibiza. Nice guy !!

Well, folks, I´ve climbed the Uluru, I´ve sailed in big boats, I´ve met nice people, I’ve broke several Bunny world records … what else can I say in 2006.I am very happy and…

I wish all of you a nice evening !! …and of course a Happy New Year!

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