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Monday, March 05, 2007

Miffa’s first expedition to Sea Cucumber land failed. (part II)

Posted by Father Bunny
Sometimes my daughter Miffa has to face risks that an average bunny usually does not face. Sometimes people point me and tell me I am putting too much pressure on her.

Far from reality, I always overprotect her and if in a difficult situation I will put myself in great danger to avoid any damage to my beloved child.

But I must admit that her HongKongnese roots have a great influence in her character and he considers herself one of a kind. Stealing The Economist from our neighbours, seeking from perfection, and continuously defying and arguing with an ultra competitive Mother Bunny is forging her character.

But she is still the sweetest bunny on earth.

Here you can find some links with our route. For those of you interested in GIS, we used an inexpensive data logger GPS and we tracked our 48,78 km journey. We spent 8 hours and 21 minutes seeking for sea cucumbers. Visit the links underneath to sea some details about our trip.

Using Google Earth:
(This will require to install this software)
Using Google Maps: (This will NOT require any software installation but you will miss a lot of information)

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