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Friday, February 29, 2008

Madrid me mata, Madrid kills me

Past 12th Father Bunny and Miffo went to Madrid. That was Miffo’s first time at the new T4 terminal that we visited with Chairoko and Kiiroko a year ago.

Today me and Miffo have taken a plane and we will be there for four days in a Spa resort while Father Bunny is working at Ifema.

Tonight we went to one of my father’s favourite restaurants: Goizeko Wellington.

We will keep you informed about our moves in “The Capital”

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Miffa at Custo Barcelona’s BBB party

I was the first who entered, really.

Some nice visuals, really impressive.

As I told you in my previous post I was not really in the mood and the idea of going the BBB winter 2008 wasn’t very excited.

But, father bunny got two VIP passes for Custo’s catwalk and Custo’s party. Well, it’s said that it’s really hard to get into there and Father Bunny convinced me to go. I must admit that I was somehow excited about my first catwalk, the cool people (or not) and the TV airing the show.

Well the plan was nice but the final result was the poorest and most embarrassing organization that most of us had ever seen. A long, long line with plenty of people waiting to enter the Palace, the greatest idiots on earth were at the door checking the invitations and a lot of people loosing their nerves.

Finally they closed the doors just in front of our faces, with security personnel acting like the dumbest idiots. Pathetic! Just one note: would you send ten times more invitations than seats inside the Palace? It seems that they did it.

We had a VIP Press invitation, a VIP express lane or something would help in these cases. Anyways the night started the wrong way with father bunny really mad.

We rushed to the party, sponsored by SEAT and therefore inside the Fira de Barcelona SEAT pavilion. A big clear space where visuals were quite good –but not really real time as the one Mr. Cyteck made for anateo- quite good music and some show girls.

The format was “all you can drink” and what it was a nice party at the beginning it became a crowded drunken people meeting. Father Bunny was worried about so many people and at some point he decided that his little bunny could be in severe risk of being burnt by a cigarette or being watered with Johnny Walker Black Label.

Again too much people to really enjoy the party. Dying of too much success, May be.

Another one:

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bread and Butter winter edition 2008

Miffo with her BBB e-pass
new friends in every corner

The same shows, the same faces...

Last summer I wrote how tired it was to watch the same faces, the same brands and the same shows in every edition. I know that people go there to take a look on new collections and to have a good time. About the first one this is my Father’s and some of his friends’ problem. About the second fact I think they should improve the “power to surprise” if they want to keep his avant-garde halo.

As usual graphic design and brand identity was nice, past edition the motto was “flying” and this winter “smoking”. Yeah, but do not think about smoking Ducados (Now under the Imperial Tobacco orbit), not even Fortuna

Just some funny ultra light cigarettes just for fashionist people with plenty of gold colour on the packet.

This edition Father Bunny received a letter from Germany and the B&B people invited him!!! Can you believe it?

That was another good reason for staying at home. If B&B invited my father after the “embarrassing events” that took place in the summer edition with Mr. Evasee, Mr. GOLDKRICH, Mr. Cyteck and Mr. Musik one must ask herself if that place is for fashion and business people or just for wild party animals as them.

Anyways I sent Miffo to cover the trade fair together with Father Bunny, Mother Bunny and last day with the pro photographer Mr. John Barney.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Miffa is sad: Chairoko and Kiiroko return to Japan.

This post refers to an event dated 01/06/08

Miffa kisses Chairoko and Kiiroko a few moment they depart

Look how sad is Miffa's sight at the airport

My bunny daughter is very sad, we all are sad indeed. After several months living with us in Barcelona and travelling around with Miffa and her sisters and friends it’s time to go.

Chairoko and Kiiroko parents came to Barcelona together with Miffo and Nijntje. We have spent a great time and we have managed to do a lot of things and to travel to quite places. For a more detailed info about our Christmas adventures with our friends from Cafemiffy I would suggest you to buy a nice “How to learn Japanese” book – if you don’t know this language- and visit their blogsite.

Miffo has travelled a lot to, She is especially happy because she has been able to visit the West coast (San Francisco), has learnt to cook some Japanese dishes, has bought new clothes and even she made a tailor made suit.

In the way back home both Miffa and Miffo did not say a word but during the afternoon while Miffa showed Miffo their new room their mood was slightly better.

- It’s always hard to say good bye I told then but soon we will meet our friends again. – I told them.
- Meanwhile I will take you with me to visit Holland – I added
- Perfect we will send nice present for Chairoko and Kiiroko – they exclaimed

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This post refers to an event dated 01/05/2008

Sometimes life and events repeat as if they were following a secret tempo, sometimes we experience or we live something that we have lived previously.

Scientist and researches, in fact a French gentleman whose name was Émile Boirac called it Déjà vu. Furthermore now we know that there are different types of Déjà vu.
(Déjà vécu, Déjà senti and Déjà visité).

Repetition and cycles are very common in nature, economical cycles, climatic cycles…There are a lot of cyclical phenomena in our universe. Actually a cycle has a starting point and an ending one. You must close the loop to properly talk about a perfect cycle.

And today a very particular cycle ends. Sometime ago, exactly when spring started last year Chairoko and Kiiroko arrived from Japan and Father Bunny picked up them. That day Father Bunny had a business dinner at Carme Ruscalleda’s restaurant and he took them with him. They met Carme, they met a Japanease cooker who works there and they enjoyed one of their first pictures in Spain with Carme.

Today we have gone again there to close the loop, tomorrow they will go back to Japan and Miffo will stay here in our new house after being in Japan for several months.

I will miss my friends a lot, but my sister Miffo has returned. Should I be sad or happy?
It’s very difficult to say it. Meanwhile I will try to taste Carme’s dishes. After all this is my first time and I’am sure I am the first one to taste the new winter menu.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

ビッグ (ookina) Drako

A few days ago a new shipping arrived to BCN harbour from Japan. It was shipped by Chairoko and Kiiroko Logistics. Unfortunately my Father was not in Barcelona and afterward the “customs” where closed.

Finally we managed to pick up it. But our cargo van was not enough big to transport the parcel. ;)

Inside a lot of goodies from Japan and lot of presents from our friends… And a Sumo fighter sized Draculina.

The first night all my sisters and friends were a bit afraid, even Miguelona and myself.

Check my new friend size! she will need to pay extra on a plane

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Figueres, Cadaques, Port Lligat and Cap de Creus

Together with our friends from Cafemiffy we visited these famous and beautiful places in Costa Brava. It was a hard journey that started early in the morning.

Our first stop was Figueres were the Dali museum is located. It was the first time for both of us, so we decided to hire a professional guide for the visit.

It was well worth of it because Dali’s art complexity and all the weird things that you would miss is you’re not a real fan or just it’s your first visit.

From there we moved to Cadaques were we visited their center and we had Paella. A very nice dinner but may be too much Paella for us. The road from L’Escala to Cadaques is very curvy and you will need at least 30 minutes to arrive there. During summer time the traffic there is heavy and there’s no so much parking space (expect to park quite far, if you can park).

Next destination, Dali’s house in Port Lligat. I was there once sailing and I must admit that Dali knew about nice spots. He built a –surrealist house- joining several small fisherman houses. We were lucky because it’s closed on January. It was the last day…

Weather wasn’t fine and a big storm with heavy rain and wind surprised us. Well, this is another “nice” attraction of this area close to Cap de Creus.

If you want to see some pictures you can go here, but I really recommend visiting it.

This is what you just see when entering inside

Almost no day light, bad weather...

- should we return home, I asked my father.
- Surely not Miffa this is perfect for visiting Cap de Creus’ lighthouse.

He was right but it wasn’t nice outside. Now I know why sailors are afraid to cross this Cape with heavy “Tramuntana” wind.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

A bunny under stress!

Chairoko and Kiiroko left our home this Christmas, Miffo came back from Tokyo; we visited some cities in Holland and Belgium – Miffo and me – We were in Miffy’s store in Amsterdam. We buy some nice clogs, we visited one of the coolest fashion shows in Europe – Bread & Butter- we went to Custo Barcelona’s party as VIPS…

Too much stress… I need some extra time.

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