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Friday, February 23, 2007

Be re nice (or be just two times nice)

I’ve not a very clear idea about my Father’s business, but I am sure he usually over promises, lies and tries to get the biggest bit from in every occasion.

Ok this is all right .After all I read The Economist, so if our world temperature’s rises a little bit, who cares if my shares are rising. Climate changes are a matter of survival but who cares?

But let’s go to the point… Father Bunny’s associated producer role in all the mesh he did was crucial to guarantee the success. My sister, Miffu, was with her and the art director, in the plane, in the car…. and in their room.

I must admit that after all she is and princess from orient and she is used to, let’s say an easy going life.

Just look at this picture taken in a Palace where she showed her abilities to go downstairs.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Celebrate the new Golden Pig year with Miffa

This is the second year that I 've spent in BCN, and I miss my country. Some, may be a lot coincidences has forced me and my family to stay here during Christmas time.

Anyways after some doubtful shit I would like to invite you to celebrate the Golden Pig Chinese year.

And what a better way to do it if I say you my ship is ready to depart from 41º 51'N
3º 08'E to an unknown destination.

I am seeking for a qualified crew.


Visit: http://weneedacrew.miffa.net/

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Monday, February 19, 2007

A Golden Pig, Miffa and the Chan family

It was late and I was wearing this nice pijama Mother Bunny bought me as a present.

Past Saturday night Chinese people were celebrating the new lunar year. And do you know what an expatriate Chinese bunny like me did?

Of course, I celebrated it.

This New Year is known as the Golden Pig, and it comes after the monkey, Rooster and the Dog (not very much appreciated by Chinese).

The Pig is the sign who offers the best fortune. It happens every 60 years and people think that under this sign big prosperity and wealth can be achieved.

We take great care of our lunar calendar and under The Pig influence many Chinese babies are born.

During the last day of the old year you’re suppose to observe some “rules”. Clean your house, open the windows and doors to let the old year to go, wear red clothes, make present to your family and friends and do a lot of noise to keep away bad

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Honk Kong night scene has (will have) an owner: DJ Kuniya

A good DJ wears a special outfit and shades in any ocassion

I have watched all the materials that Musik and Cyteck has done for an obscure Father Bunny’s business.

Yeah, they are excellent and besides I love the music they like. Nice influences but a strong personality to be themselves and a nice ability to tell you a story in three minutes.

So I decided to start again my DJ session with some friends and my bunny family. Now I have the proper outfit (I will try to convince father bunny but I am thinking about a custom made black outfit with three stripes), a nice name “DJ Kuniya” that has been the most difficult thing and still I am not sure about it. It has not the same “power “than my favourite: John Nadlor


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Be my Valentine

Voodoo love, yeah that white bunny will be under my control forever

Chinese people have their own New Year celebration, a very big celebration that last for 15 days. It begins on the first day of the first lunar month ends on the 15th. Families regroup during this holiday and a lot of Chinese from other countries travel to China.

First lesson, if you plan to visit China and you have a budget, forget about this dates.

So, if Chinese have their own New Year celebration and do not really care about Christmas why one can found Christmas apparel and other stuff there.

The answer, may be, is the intense pressure from the mainstream media who produce a mainstream culture. (globalization?)

The same applies to Valentine’s day. An obscure strategy to spend money in stupid stuff that you don’t need?

May be, but I’m not Father Bunny or Miffu who thinks that the world could be a nicer place. I read The Economist, my bankers are UBS, my phone is a Vertu, my friends play Polo…and besides all I love gifts.

Father Bunny knows I like it and he has made me this nice gift: a special edition Swatch

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A great journey starts with the first step

Hey, may be I am not as good Djeeing as John Nadlor
but look the nice hat they gave me in Bread & Butter

This is a nice header for a post with sensibly less sense. I did a considerable long step coming from a nice city located in the South China Sea (yes my beloved Honk Kong). Even a longer step when I decided to see what’s up in the opposite country (antipodes).

But in life a considerable shorter step could be more difficult than a larger one, even if are talking about several thousand kilometres and just 5 kilometres.

I’ve moved from a nice apartment from which the sea could be viewed to another one in the very centre of Barcelona (close to Plaça Catalunya) and it’s has been a very hard move for me and Father Bunny.

And, as in every single matter in life, I am learning something: I’ve travel a lor and I’ve visited a lot of places outside Barcelona but only a few places in Barcelona.

Wouldn’t I start to know a little bit about my second city? I will tell Father Bunny.


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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Miffu’s incredible adventures facing ice and snow

Miffu is commanding the SpaceStation V

Father Bunny told me if I was in the mood for a business trip to Madrid and then to Alicante. But they were a lot of people and I’ve been in Madrid a lot of times, so we decided that Miffu should go.

Father Bunny and Miffu are shaped from the same stone. They prefer to be against the mainstream as a regular basis and they do not care about tradition, they fight about traditions.

But both of them have the rare ability to survive in a hostile environment using their camouflage and speech abilities.

A flight from BCN to MAD, an event in Thyssen museum, a trip to Alicante with a nice Opel Zafira and an icy highway, several parties…

I really think my father and his colleagues are not a good example for my sister….

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lord of war (or even worse marketing)

A little bunny needs a lot of love and care… I really acknowledge that I am a little bit posh and demanding with Father & Mother bunny.

This year has started with all the family moving from a nice place to a less nice place and with my Father Bunny revisiting his worst nightmares, and this obviously has had an impact in Chan Family’s home.

Father Bunny has been unbearable past two weeks because he was in charge of some events. He is quite good in this business and his concepts are outstanding but he really hates the – on field work-

In the Guggenheim he and his crew set up everything in one hour, but still his seek for perfection spirit made him sick when some pieces of this performance were far from perfection.

The perfection – as father bunny told me – has a name and this is the DCR- MKR -
Wifi bunnies’ team:

Musik , a computer analyst and great VJ, Cyteck and Alethia, new media designers who took care off all the visuals

Albert , the camera, Alejandra and Bere the PR, Joseph, the Producer , Sergi & Fede ,the music directors who created the theme.


Father Bunny hates events because he was in charge of events several years ago when he was involved in a non mature project for a non mature customer, and he quit from there.

But several years after he did it the same mistake: . Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Bilbao.

Father Bunny did not want me to go, but my sister Miffu was in two of them. He bought me a nice Prince of Wales hat. He met Mr Berrope, he achieve a great success, but even though he is not in a goof mood.

But “The End is Coming”

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