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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy Ibiza, happy Miffa, I am Miffa, I am at Ibiza

Chairoko and Kiiroko at "Mercado de las Dalias"

This was our song during past weekend. In my previous visit to this island with Mother Bunny I learnt about its magnificent history and I enjoyed places, colours, people, and hotels, everything a nice island can offer you.

But when you have to deal with an angry Father Bunny who hates crowds, but still has a will to go there, because he was evil during sonar festival – and when you play evil whilst in a bunny relationship sure you’ll pay- things surely will go in the wrong way.

And so they went: plenty of people, outrageous prices, the biggest rip-offs on earth, and rude people in our hotel.

Anyways Draculina – who got a severe punishment from Mother Bunny, cause her sonar party- Chairoko and Kiiroko and me did enjoy a lot our weekend in the white island. And, still the inner part has the old charm that Ibiza had in the old times.

Holy bunny, all those vessels are willing for a real crew

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Design school with Kiiroko and Chairoko

Having Chairoko and Kiiroko with us it’s great. A few days ago we received a big gift from their parents with plenty of delicious ingredients to cook Japanese recipes.

When Uncle Bunny knew about it and he saw the nice designs they use in Japan (uncle bunny designs for a food company doing label and packaging designs) he got shocked.

And he has been searching WebPages with nice designs that will inspire his new creation.

This is one of the best. I will ask my Japanese bunny friends as soon as they return from their Spanish classes.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We have run out of flow

Again the best pictures were taken by Cyteck

For those of you fans of hip hop or music fans flow may have a different meaning.

For a little bunny like me who was with three individuals listed under the “Forbidden grooving machines” in SONAR 2007, flow is the rate at which something travels through a given cross section.

In the SONAR the fluid was beer (Budweiser, Estrella Damm, Voll Damm and other selected brands) and the cross section was Father Bunny’s crew throats.

Mr. Evasèe, Mr Germano and Father Bunny were by far the most irreverent, immature, irresponsible guys in the arena. In fact, I decided after the first day that that was not the event for me and father bunny took Draculina.

But I must admit that they have had so much flow that even The Beastie Boys may have been jealous of them. If you have met them, forgive their fault, because making a special report of SONAR for a magazine called SENIOR FISHER AND GENTELMAN HUNTER is not so easy.

Fortunately responsible and loving persons like Cyteck, Alethia, Musik and others took care of me and Draculina.

-------cut here if you have a patented Cyber Cutter by Chan tools PLC ---------

Do not attempt to do the same at home, dude, only certified
pros under some circunstances are able to perform these activities

Nos hemos quedado sin flow

Para los que seáis fan del hip hop o fans de la música la palabra flow puede tener otro significado.

Para una conejita como yo, que estuvo en el SONAR 2007 con tres individuos que están en la lista de vacilones impresentables (¿fundadores?), “flow” es la capacidad que tienen los líquidos de viajar a través de una sección determinada. En este caso las gargantas de estos energúmenos.

Y el líquido que fluía fue una selección de cervezas de todo tipo (Budweiser, Estrella Damm, Voll Damm y demás)

Mr. evasèe, Mr Germano y Papá Conejo fueron los más inmaduros, irreverentes e irresponsables tiparracos que estuvieron allí. De hecho tras el primer día decidí que eso no era para mí y le dije al otro que no quería volver, así que fue Draculina quien le acompaño.

Eso sí, he de admitir que tuvieron tanto flow que incluso los Beastie Boys deben estar celosos. Si os los encontrasteis, perdonad sus afrentas porque hacer un reportaje especial del SONAR para la revista CAZA Y PESCA no es tan fácil.

Afortunadamente también hubo gente responsable y amable como Cyteck, Alethia, Musik y otros que nos mimaron a Draculina y a mí.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Meet me, Hug me, Kiss me at SONAR 2007

A super bunny star can not miss the opportunity to be in one of the best electronic music festivals around the globe.

And there I will be with my bunny sisters and friends and of course with the fourteen times Sonar blaster Mr. Cyteck, his best supporter Alethia, avantgarde musician Musik ,the ubiquitous Evasèe and design star German.

Of course Father Bunny will be there and may be Mother Bunny (but they don’t have impressive records to show)

See you there Beastie Boys, I know you’re starving, you ‘ll met the greatest bunny star on earth.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We opened Cafemiffy's parcel

Father Bunny was yesterday in one of his monthly marketing meeting where he and their colleagues spend some time seeking for new tricks to manipulate customer mind.

Just the day that me, my sisters and my friends from Japan were so excited about that mysterious parcel coming from Japan.

Mother bunny went to do some shopping and finally at 10:00 pm when Father Bunny arrived we opened it up.

And we were very surprised about the contents. Here you can find some pictures that will tell you more than several pages.

Now Chairoko and Kiiroko will miss her home a little bit less and we will be able to enjoy the Delicious Japanese food.

Thanks Cafemiffy

Draculina was designed as official parcel opener

All the Bunny family together with all the gifts

Chairoko and Kairoko were hyperexcited
"We will be able to eat Japanese"

Ninjin a Japanese carrot breader who decided to move to
Barcelona seeking for new carrot specimens was delighted with the nice set of bowls

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Monday, June 11, 2007

A parcel has just arrived from Japan

A parcel from Japan has arrived and Father Bunny has picked it up from the post office. It was so big that he needed to come back home taking a cab.

We are all excited about this,

- “Surelly it’s plenty of gifts from our parents from Japan” said Chairoko and Kiiroko
- “Let’s open it” said Miffu and Miffe
- “We will wait until this night for Mother Bunny and Draculina” said Father Bunny

Ok, we will try, but he is going to his office in a couple of minutes.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sailing till sunset

Chairoko and Kiiroko enjoyed their first
journey in a racing siling boat (Beneteau First)

Kiiroko did it real god with our genoa sail.

Coming back to our base we saw this magnificent sunset

Back from NY, Boston and Cape Cod, Miffa did not feel like staying at Brcelona. She decided to go sailing .She loves to feel the wind touching lightly her nice ears. This time she wanted to show to Chairoko and Kiiroko, how you sail in a nice boat prepared for regatta.

Only the three of them together with Father Bunny were sailing the whole day till dawn.
Miffa´s Japanese friends are becoming familiar with the art of sailing and learning the first Spanish words in order to help Miffa sailing. However, they do not still dare to touch the rudder wheel. Well, Miffa is in charge of it and protects Chairoko and Kiiroko.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Exploring Cape Cod

Google Earth track From Boston to Orleans

While in New York we asked Father Bunny to visit another places close to the Big Apple. Too many days in such a busy city were stressing us and I really wanted to visit Boston.

I must admit that we were very lucky. We arrived NY during their Memorials Day and many people went out off the city (mainly to the beach) to celebrate the three days weekend. Walking along NYC center (what they call Midtown) was great. Just only a few impenitent tourists who woke up early to defy the high temperatures.

And wait a moment if we were going to visit Boston what about a nice stop in that Peninsula were old wealthy families has built nice houses I private islands. One of them the Forbes family used the money they got trading with Opium and built and nice house…

Yes I am talking to one of east coast favourite’s tourist attraction: Cape Cod (Apart from Miami, of course)

Getting there from Boston or New York is easy but expect big jams during Fridays and Sundays (back home).It will take you about three and a half hours to get Princetown (the most remote city on the Peninsula’s tip). But if you are not in a hurry our advice will be that it will be a good idea to visit some of the little and no so little places that are in your way to Princetown.

As the great planner that my Father is we departed from Boston at 7:00 pm and we ended reading free tourist guides that we found in a gas station. Chairoko, Kiiroko and I were not very happy about sleeping inside the car or going back to NYC.

But finally in a town called Orleans we found a nice place, actually a beautiful place called Orleans Inn. Its owner Ed, whose family bought and restored the building, is one of the nicer persons we have found in our travels. He gave us very useful information to maximize our travel experience in such a few time and gave us a book with all the building history though time.

Beautiful sandy beaches, nice green fields, nice lighthouses that are still in use, great food, nice wooden houses painted in nice colours… Definitely this is a place to visit and to stay some days if you suffer from any kind of stress.

we spent a great time visiting Orleans Inn

Here you can find a book to do some planning
And there you can download the Google Earth track

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Yes Madam, Yes Sir

Beware of your moves Miffa there's eyes upon your ears

Today Father Bunny and me had a conversation just a few minutes before he went to his work.

- You’d better change your blogging style a little bit Miffa –he said
- How I can improve it Father- I replied
- Learn from the masters Miffa and please inform your fans about your diet and exercises. – FB said.

Well, when in NYC we did a lot of bunny shaping. Check this Google Earth track to discover our 31.6 km track around the city

- Miffa Chan ate 36 oysters in different East Coast restaurants
- The Oysters were from Alaska, Maine, Boston, West Coast, etc
- We had Oysters at USA's oldest restarant-Union Oyster House-

PS: You will need Google earth

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Chairoko and Kiiroko went shopping with Miffa in 5th Avenue

Two years ago Mother and Father Bunny went to New York. They had visited it several times before but still they decided to go there to “check how the city was doing”

They did not take me to NYC because I was too little for that trip (Bullshit, what a way to get rid of me). They did not take me to Guatemala on that summer so American continent was missing in my bunny traveller list.

This time I have been “seeding” my father’s mind. As he will say I have made my own campaign to travel NY. I must say that I have had two powerful allies close to me all the times: Chairoko and Kiiroko, my friends from Japan who wanted to visit NYC too.

We must admit that Father Bunny was very patient in a city that he does not like a lot. He took us shopping the first day in one time shopping paradise that was 5th avenue, we visited Empire State, Chrysler Building, Central station, Wall Street and finally we convinced him to go to Boston and Cape Cod.

After ten days there I am a little bit upset, Father Bunny was –in part- right. After being in Tokyo and Beijing NYC has little to offer you and a lot to offend you. May be once in your life you must be there, but that’s it. And I agree with my Father about the worst thing about NYC. I will not write it down here because I do not want to offend anyone but I really share his vision.

We will post some highlights of our travel during this and next week.

An American icon The Empire State with three bunny culture icons

Meanwhile you can visit our photo album or visit our friends Cafemiffy who took Miffo to the West Coast

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