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Friday, February 23, 2007

Be re nice (or be just two times nice)

I’ve not a very clear idea about my Father’s business, but I am sure he usually over promises, lies and tries to get the biggest bit from in every occasion.

Ok this is all right .After all I read The Economist, so if our world temperature’s rises a little bit, who cares if my shares are rising. Climate changes are a matter of survival but who cares?

But let’s go to the point… Father Bunny’s associated producer role in all the mesh he did was crucial to guarantee the success. My sister, Miffu, was with her and the art director, in the plane, in the car…. and in their room.

I must admit that after all she is and princess from orient and she is used to, let’s say an easy going life.

Just look at this picture taken in a Palace where she showed her abilities to go downstairs.

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