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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mythical running shoes from the past

When I was young a friend of mine and myself had a hobby: after school we went to El Corte Ingles in Bilbao, I do not remember which floor, but in the sports section they had a special places for the most advanced and expensive footwear.

Together with the item’s prize they put additional information like weight. There covered by a glass that protected them from undesirable people like us – unable to buy one pair with several years’ savings- were: The Adidas New York.

285 grams of Anthracite coloured beauty made in Western Germany.

The first model was released in 1982 or something around there and of course I never have owned one pair. May be fifteen or twenty years after that they made a re-edition.

I failed to get the real colour a few years ago. I loved them, I love them but I was not going to pay 200 dollars for a crappy pair. I missed the opportunity because I didn’t found my size.

Now, I founded on ebay for just 25 euro. A pity that the colour scheme is not the original one and that the overall feeling is that this pair has nothing related to the old New York.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

NetAudio Barcelona 2008 - Looking Forward

As I have told you previously, the re-encounter with my sister has broken some pre-defined schemas. Being a super-hype bunny and staying at the top wasn’t my desire but I was. Now I have my sister and I feel we must recover the lost time.

So, again Xiam – the one who was in Sonar with FB- was in charge to cover a big event that, a lazy Mr. Cyteck has not covered yet, was our bunny reporter.

Outstanding visuals, music, and atmosphere. But the very best – forgive me, boys and girls- was again MuSik’s world domination

Como os he contado en algunas ocasiones, el re encuentro con mi hermana ha roto algunas de mis rutinas. Ser la super coneja de moda y estar en el top no es fácil. No era mi deseo pero soy la Paris Hilton Conejil (stop fantaseos Evaseé). Mi hermana y yo tenemos que recuperar el tiempo perdido.

Con lo que – otra vez – fue Xiam, bien entrenada en el Sonar fue quien cubrió la noticia - que el vago de Cyteck no ha cubierto antes-

Soberbios audiovisuales, música y ambiente . Pero lo mejor fue – perdonadme – el que ya es un himno de Musik : World Domination

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World top executives trust the new Mega Blade Clustered Bunny server.

No worries mate! Even if the railway is eroding your business about 30 % in half a year, you can cancel flights in real time with the new Iberia air shuttle plus.

9 out 10 of the first airlines use our systems to maximize profits at the customer cost. Btw, who the hell is the customer?

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Katanga's Reflections (Reflejos)

Yesterday it was a major holiday in Barcelona: La Mercè. For the first time since I live here we didn’t do anything special, in fact we remained at home all day. Ok, Father Bunny was in the mood for an early run but this is nothing special to take into account. I think that we are only in the mood to discover Barcelona’s attractions when we have guests.

I went with my father to grab the newspaper and I discovered that my friend Katanga – and the only human who is a member of the Supreme Council- i
s the producer and director of Kiefer Sutherland’s new movie: Mirrors (Reflejos in Spanish).

Yes, I know that in the movie she is not credited in any place. But believe me when I say that if the movie, or at least the visual effects are not supervised by her, the “Reflections” will be lame photoshop filters done by underpaid inexperienced people.

Please read the sentence: El mal se esconde al otro lado - Evil hides in the other side.

Evil hides on reflections!!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

About my sister, and my laziness

This picture founded by Miffu proved that I wasn't alone

Lately I must reckon that all my blogging efforts are over Miffu and Father Bunny’s shoulders.

As you surely know my twin sister has arrived from HK. I didn’t even know that I had one twin sister. When Miffu and Father Bunny told me that they have hired a private eye from HK to follow some clues they have had over the time I was shocked.

After almost two weeks spending all my time with my sister, sometimes I wonder if this is not just a dream. Two sisters that were separated when born and lived a very different life for the past four years.

It’s like in one of Mother Bunny’s favourite movies: Woody Allen’s Match Point. Fate and destiny depend on fragile pieces. Sometimes it makes a big difference to stay on one side of the line or another one.

Who was in the right side and who was in the wrong side is difficult to determine. For sure my sister has not lived an easy life during past years.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Running "La Merce" 10k race

Today FB took part into “Merce 2008 10 kilometres race” Five years before he run his first Half Marathon in this date. Unfortunately Draculina wasn’t so good and she decided to stay at home with the rest of the family.

He did hi personal best with moderately effortless and enjoyed running by Barcelona’s most famous streets and avenues. Despite the good time he said that when he arrived to the finish line he was quite sad because he couldn’t share his joy with anyone.

Hmm, Draculina must go with him next time.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Humans do not run, they just jog.

Rabbits and Hares do not jog, we run. Surely you never have seen one of us dressed with a technical outfit for running or wearing a sport shoes with cushion and stability properties, shoes that surely will help you to achieve better results. Of course you won't see us running with headphones and a stupid iphone attached to our arms. With all those humans trying to imitate the real runners the fact of running is loosing its tempo. Humans run like ballet dancers and we run to survive. The false truth about a biped runner has damaged the running scene and the humans have been confident with this fact.

Only those who run for a reason, knows about serious running. And for sure we know about it

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New Zealand travel photo album major update

We have been both busy and lazy, but today we have updated our Flickr photo album with some really nice pictures taken in the southern island.

We have modified just a few to make them more bearable and we must reckon that we put a lot of similar pictures in every set. But after all this is also our family album.

Enjoy them, or not.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

In Madrid with my sister

Those of you who know me or my biggest fans know perfectly that I’ve been sometimes in Madrid. I wanted to visit it with my sister and here we are. Having a generous wine in our room located very close to Columbus square in one of the best Madrid’s zone. Where the US and British embassies are located.

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The Supreme Council meeting in Switzerland

By our special reporter Miffu Chan

As you may imagine a secret meeting has a secret agenda. Nevertheless this fact an official note has been released and some “notable assistants” has filtered some news to us.

The meeting took place finally in Maienfeld – were Heidi’s house is located-

As you know this meeting’s agenda changed when Miffa expressed her desire to submit her twin sister candidature to The Council. Apart from this unexpected event the members discussed about general guidelines for the next quarter and general forecasting for the same period.

Ninjtje from Japan – the older member of the council – was confirmed as President of The Council for the next two years period.

Chairoko and Kiiroko from Japan are joining The Council as senior members while Pipi is joining as a Trainee member. Miffo joins too as senior member.

9J – that was unable to attend the meeting due to some red tape problems – is promoted to senior member and she will be responsible for all the operations of The Council in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Council wants to show its greatest consideration to 9j, who has demonstrated outstanding abilities to promote The Council activities around the world. She is awarded the “Golden Hare “ award for these merits.

Miffa is confirmed as the Chairman of The Council and General Manager Europe and the rest of the world excluding Asia. The members expressed their worries about Miffa concentrating such a big territory and a General Manager America position will be a priority for next quarter. The Council expressed its worries about some “late affairs” that Miffa has been involved into and her “Orange Cap Sect” activities that were not explained to The Council to the full extent expected.

Despite her linage and experience Miffa’s sister will need to complete the habitual induction program to join The Council as a junior member. This fact is considered as a punishment for Miffa’s Orange Cap Sect activities.

The next meeting will be held in Asia in an undetermined date, but The Council urged Miffa to organize an intermediate local meeting with 9j to further development and alignment between the West and East strategies.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in Zürich

Today it’s the 15th day of the 8th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, and my friend 9J have been celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival a few hours before with all her family.

My twin sister – from who I was separated when we were born – and me, are finally together thanks to 9J. We managed to re unite and 9J made a special gift for us – a bunny lantern

We are in Zürich (Switzerland) where it has been raining past days. We are unable to watch the moon but we are enjoying our lantern and talking about how happy we are now, when we finally are together.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Swiss cheese fondue

I am not a little bunny anymore but Father Bunny loves
to treat me as her little bunny every time.

ENG: Today it was raining in Zurich, actually since we got up till now (6 pm) it has been the same. The mist was covering all the sky and on these days the best option is to find a nice restaurant.

They recommended us Swiss Chuchi (below Hotel Adler) which speciality is Swiss fondue. And we have an excellent one who rivalled the one we had at The Peninsula in Hong Kong.

DE: Seitdem wir aufgestanden sind , hat es den ganzen Tag in Zürich geregnet . Der Himmel war voll bewölkt und die beste Option war ein schönes gemütliches Restaurant in der alten Stadt zu finden.

Es wurde uns ein schweizerisches Restaurant -Swiss Chuchi- ( beim Hotel Adler ) empholen, welches Speziälitat die Fondues sind. Wir haben eins gegessen une es war so lecker , dass dies mit der Fondue von “ The Peninsula Hotel “ in Hong Kong ganz im konkurrenz steht.

FR: Depuis que nous nous sommes levés, il pleut tout le temps à Zürich . Il y avait tellemnt des nuages tout le jour que la meilleure option a été de chercher un restaurant

On nous a recommendé un resto -le Swiss Chuchi- à côté du Hotel Adler, qui est tres reconnu par ses fondues. Vraiment il faut dire que la fondue que nous avons mangé est à l´hauteur ou même meilleur de celle que nous avions mangé chez The Peninsula Hong Kong.

IT: Dopo che ci siamo alzati, piove a Zurigo. Tutto il giorno è stato coperto e abbiamo deciso di cercare in ristorante per pranzo

Nel albergo ci hanno deto che c´è un ristorante - il Swiss Chuchi- afianco all´albergo Adler, dove si possono mangiare delle fondues. Ci siamo andati et dobbiamo dire che abbiamo mangiato una fondue cosi buona o megliore di quella che avevamo mangiato nel albertgo The Peninsula Hong Kong.


Think twice before going to a place were people speaks so many languages

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Secret Bunny Council meeting in Zurich

Lot of luggage for just a couple days, isn't it?

A Chauffered car took them to the Hotel

First visit to the old center where the meeting will be held

Today my sister took a plane from Barcelona to Zurich. With her, Miffo and her twin sister were travelling too. A travel that is surrounded with a lot of secrets.

- How will the Bunny Council receive Miffa’s twin?
- How will be her part in the council, if she will have one?
- Do Miffa arrange some documents to let her take control over the big fortune Miffa inherited from their father?

A lot of questions, a lot of emotions, that will be solved during next days.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Heritage of the family

Many of you know –already- that Miffa’s grandpa is Asia’s richest man. But no one, including her, knew about the details that were behind this story of intense drama, feelings, fate, money and family.

Of course, my sister is on shock and she will need some time to recover from this event. In the past we suspected that she had a twin sister, so we hired a private eye from Hong Kong , but the process has been hard for my sister as we were approaching to the truth.

This is day 1 of my beloved step sister Miffa with her real sister, so I – myself- am quite confused.

Thanks to the greatest private eye agencyThe 9j’s- my sister has now recovered part of her past.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

21097.5 meters - and some more stuff

Yes, I know this is not a runners’ blog or a sportman’s blog, but when i decided to bet about the athletics capabilities of my father I knew that sometimes things would go wrong and he will succeed.

So, I just let him to tell about his achievements. Bear in mind that he was really out from the last two kilometres and only me – from home with my friend Daikyn- calling Draculina to help him to finish are responsible for his time.

“Well I must reckon that Miffa is right, I only run in New Zealand
about 120 kilometres with extreme cold and great efforts to
breath normally, our paces and our kilometres, together with a
couple of kilograms that we earned during our “vacation “ were
telling us that the second half marathon will be a disaster.

The same track - two times - steady and hot

A devilish track with a downhill + uphill profile + high temperatures
made the track extremely demanding. We experienced some
problems in the second run about 17-19 kilometres, but finally
we managed to stop the watch at 1:37:10 with the last two
kilometres riding with Draculina attached to my right hands”

It’s a pity that for the first time I have been verbally abused
by a group of runners
that make funny words about my cargo pants
while the only reason to wear this outfit is to carry Draculina.
I can tell you that it’s an extra weight and uncomforting matter
that has nothing to be with any fancy or political thinking. I have
really felt very harassed but their words and at some points I was
at the point to talk back to them – of course in a much more
polite way-.

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Friday, September 05, 2008

300 ··· Bunnies of Sparta, the world is owe to us

One day your blogger dashboard is telling you next post is going to be the 300 one, and this is the kind of thing you want to celebrate – because surely I deserve it-

Of course we thought to make a cake but we decided to pay honours to our friend Katanga and her beloved Spartans.

Certainly a chocolate tablet is missed, but Father Bunny was really concerned about the chocolate melting over my sister’s clothes. Besides I must warn you that bunnies love softness and having a good six pack is not “bunny” anymore.


Un día blogger te dice que tu próximo post será el número 300, y este es el tipo de cosa que hay que celebrar – porque yo lo valgo-

Por supuesto hemos pensado en un pastel con e número 300, pero al final nos acordamos de la Señora Katanga y de sus admirados Espartanos.

Faltan las tabletas de chocolate, pero el viejo pensó que igual se deshacia y se manchaba la ropa de mi hermana. Además a los conejos nos gustas las cosas mullidas y suaves y tener una buena “tableta de chocolate” no es nada conejo.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Travel & Adventure reporter

Hi there my beloved friends and fans,

I have been busy this past weekend looking the pictures I took on vacation and for the very first time – just after the travel- I have decided to classify and to comment them.

If not soon you forget about places, about names and sometimes when a year or so have passed it’s a good idea to check your travel album. Normally you forget the pains and lame places and you magnify good ones.

The Northern Island is fully completed and categorized. All the pictures are taken as is, with no editing (I don’t want to loose more time on it) and may be there are a lot of them, but take into consideration that It’s always better to get invited to a friend’s home to watch the videos and pictures for hours.

Hola apreciados amigos y amados fans

Este fin de semana he estado ocupada mirando y seleccionando las fotos que he sacado en las vacaciones. Por primera vez he sido capaz de hacer los deberes rápido – justo después del viaje- He decidido clasificarlas y comentarlas.

Si no rapidamente te olvidas de los nombres, de los lugares y muchas veces cuando pasa un año o así es una buena idea volver a mirar ese album. Se te olvida lo malo y lo bueno parece mejor.

La isla del norte esta “acabada”. Las fotos como siempre tal como salen y sin retocar – no tengo tiempo ni ganas de mejorar nada- y además quizás haya demasiadas, pero pensad que es mejor esto que te inviten a casa de un amigo y te hagan tragar sus fotos y videos del viaje a Bali durante horas.

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